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6 Things to Consider When Replacing a Roof

The roof of your house is what keeps you protected, no matter what the weather is like outside. It is the most important component of your house, and therefore, you should not take it for granted. Since the roof is exposed to sun, rain, wind, and dust all round the clock for 365 days a … Read more

5 Benefits of Foam Roofing

Foam roofing is making rounds in the market for all the right reasons. Although it has been in the market for quite some time now, it is only recently that it has gained popularity. Foam roofing is basically prepared by spraying a compound called Polyurethane Foam on to the substrate material of the roof to … Read more

4 Things to Consider When Building a Rooftop Walk Deck

The idea of a rooftop walk deck has gained significant popularity lately. Building a walk deck on the rooftop is a great way of adding extra space to your property – extra space that is perfect for relaxation. Not only does a rooftop walk deck provide a lovely view of the area around, but it … Read more