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4 Signs You Need a Professional Roofer

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One might argue that the roof is an essential component of any house. It shields your loved ones and your property from the ravages of mother nature and adds a significant amount to the aesthetic value of your home. A new roof installation can yield a return on investment of more than 85% when the home is resold, and the roof accounts for approximately 40% of the curb appeal of a house.

Why Hire a Professional Roofer?

Most people do not give much thought to their roof until they become aware of a problem with it. A quick glimpse from the driveway or parking lot can lead you to believe there is no issue, but you could be gravely mistaken about this assessment.

Many issues can only be spotted by being on the roof, where you can give them your full attention and learn to recognize their telltale signs.

That’s where we at America Roofing roll in! With a team of professionals who are prepared to conduct a thorough inspection to help you determine the state of your current roofing system.

Signs You Need a Professional Roofer

Here are 4 signs you need a professional roofer!

Old Roof

The lifespan of a roof can be greatly increased with regular upkeep. Inspecting and maintaining your roof regularly is imperative if you want it to last for its intended lifespan. However, as with any other part of a building, roofs will eventually deteriorate beyond repair. A specialist can assess your roof’s state and estimate how long it will last.

Broken Shingles

Having a professional look at your roof is a good idea if you see any cracks in the shingles after some time. In areas prone to severe winds, particularly after tornadoes or hailstorms, it’s not uncommon for shingles to come loose or even come off entirely.

There can be a noticeable lack of shingles that needs to be fixed and you will need to call a professional for roof repair. Whatever the cause—recent weather or slow deterioration—even the tiniest tears can snowball into major issues.

Sagging Roof

If your roof is drooping, this is a sign that there are significant structural issues with either your attic or your foundation. You need to act fast since it will be much simpler and less expensive to repair this damage if it is modest and confined when you first discover it.

Take a look at your roof standing on the sidewalk and pay close attention to its underlying structure. If you see that it is beginning to sag, you should get a trained specialist to come and look at it.

Moisture Problems

The effects of water intrusion are often far-reaching. Energy bills rise when insulation becomes wet. The presence of moisture in insulation also encourages the growth of mold and the development of insect colonies.

Mildew remediation can be expensive and cause significant interruption to daily living. The presence of water stains or watermarks on the walls or ceilings indicates a moisture issue. In this case, you should call a professional to check the damage.


The construction of your home would be incomplete without the presence of a roof. Utilizing the services of a professional roofing company will assist you in lowering the likelihood of potential problems and saving money on associated costs. The pros have the skills, tools, and equipment necessary to accomplish your project within the allotted timeframe.