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6 Advantages of Pitched Roofs That Make Them An Appealing Option

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Roofs serve as the first line of defense against the elements. While protection against the elements is the primary purpose of the roof, its importance doesn’t end here. The roof of a building or a house has a huge impact on the overall appearance of the property. With time, roofs have evolved too. Currently, you will come across numerous types of roofs to choose from.

People who like the classical appearance of houses opt for pitched roofs. Also, pitched roofs are one of type most common types of roofs today. If you are wondering what makes pitched roofs so popular, you have landed at the right place. We have listed down the advantages of pitched roofs below:

1. Style and Aesthetic Appeal

Pitched roofs are extremely versatile. They come in a number of shapes and sizes, ranging from simple double-sided slopes to more complex shapes that combine valleys and hips. You get to choose the size and type based on the overall architect of your house. One of the most prominent advantages of pitched roofs is the style and aesthetic appeal that they add to your house.

2. Thermal Insulation

Pitched roofs offer excellent thermal insulation, which is one of the biggest advantages of pitched roofs. Buildings that have pitched roofs are about 10 to 15% more compact as compared to buildings with a flat roof. This significant reduction in the surface area exposed to the sun accounts for the thermal insulation effects of this type of roof.

3. Energy Efficiency

Pitched roofs prevent the loss of energy within a building. They are built in a way that makes way for natural ventilation between the building and the outer layer of the roof, which plays a vital role in preserving energy.

4. Protection of Natural Hazards

One of the many advantages of pitched roofs includes remarkable protection from natural environmental hazards. Pitched roofs are built such that they withstand wind, water, and snow. These types of roofs are strong, stable, and make way for perfect drainage of water. Some pitched roofs may also be water-proof and fire-resistant.

5. Additional Space

Instead of having to build an extra floor for extra rooms, you can replace your roofing with pitched roofs instead. Pitched roofs provide additional space under them, which can be used as storage space or as extra rooms! This is one of the most appealing advantages of pitched roofs.

6. Longer Lifespan

You need to make sure that the drainage system of your flat roof is maintained at all times to ensure no water stands on the roof. This is something you don’t have to worry about with pitched roofs. Pitched roofs are more expensive than flat roofs, but the frequency, nature, and cost of repairs and maintenance of pitched roofs is much lower.


There are many advantages of pitched roofs. Pitched roofs require lesser maintenance, provide greater thermal insulation, additional living space, energy efficiency, and excellent protection from environmental hazards.