6 Most Amazing Roofing Materials You Should Use in Phoenix, AZ

Among all things important for roof replacement, the one thing that you cannot compromise on is roofing materials in Phoenix, AZ.  If you want to add long-term value to your roof and increase the look and appeal of your home, then you need to choose the best roofing materials in Phoenix, AZ. Read this blog to know about the best roofing materials in Phoenix, AZ.

1. Roofing Materials in Phoenix, AZ | Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles is convenient to install and are very economical.  An interesting fact is that fiberglass or organic materials can be used to give strength to the shingles without even changing the look and appeal of it.  It is available in a wide variety of colors and is inexpensive too.  However, one thing that is not good about it is that it does not provide insulation.

2. Roofing Materials in Phoenix, AZ| Metal Roofing

Metal items weigh a lot, but metal roofs are quite light. They are durable and are really helpful in harvesting water.  Moreover, they can easily stand against extreme weather conditions.  The two kinds of metal roofing include panels and shingles.  These are available in stainless still, zinc metals, aluminum, and copper.

3. Roofing Materials in Phoenix, AZ| Synthetic Products

Another roofing material that is in style is synthetic products.  Synthetic products are very beautifully designed and their texture, color, and look speak for itself. Synthetic products are durable and can be easily maintained.  They have the quality to fight against fire, but you have to check their warrantee before purchasing them.  They are not so costly and are strong with an expected life span of fifty years if properly looked after.

4. Roofing Materials in Phoenix, AZ| Wood Shake and Shingles

Wood shakes are hand-made and look kind of rough if you compare them to wood shingles as wood shingles are made of a machine.  Most homeowners love the appearance and appeal of wood shake and shingles. What’s more worthy of appreciation is their durability. You will benefit more if you coat your wood shake or wood shingle with fire resistant material.

5. Roofing Materials in Phoenix, AZ| Clay and Concrete Tiles

There are two main types of tiles used for roofing because both of them emit elegance. Concrete and clay tiles add a beautiful texture. Clay tiles that are ribbed and flat are very long lasting, but they are also heavy.  Same is the case with concrete tiles, but they are less expensive.  Clay tiles are expensive and need additional framing. This is a disadvantage.

6.Roofing Materials in Phoenix, AZ| Slate


Slate comes in a wide range of colors including red, black, green, purple, and grey.  They look mesmerizing and gorgeous, and add an instant touch of elegance to your roof. They are able to resist fire and are sustainable too. They are so long-lasting that they can easily last to about 50-100 years.

In a Nutshell

Above are the six most amazing roofing materials in Phoenix, AZ that you can use to have a beautiful and durable rooftop.