The Basics of A New Roof

The Basics of A New Roof

As your roofing company in Arizona, we need to remind you all that a house will be your life’s your most important investment, and the roof over your head is what makes those four walls a home. Your roof protects you from the elements during our harsh monsoon seasons, and it isn’t simply a layer of shingles — your roof is a complex system that keeps the inside of your home safe, dry, and healthy for your family. Because of all this vital work that your roof performs day in and day out, you may find that you need to invest in a new roof at some point in your home’s lifetime

The dreaded roof leak can be terrifying! And what even goes into installing a brand-new roof? Knowing these details will help you in your search for a quality roofing company; understanding the basics of what goes into a new roof will help you weed out any possible less-than-trustworthy roofers. You want your roofing job done right, and you want it to last for years to come without any issues, and fortunately America Roofing Company is here to give you an idea of what the job should entail.

All of the old roofing should be removed and all aspects inspected

The roofer that you hire, especially if you come to them with a problem or concern, such as a leak, should evaluate the problem area and the entire roof as a whole. Arizona’s harsh weather can easily damage integral sections of your roof, for example, your underlayment can be weakened by our intense heat fluctuations, and you need to hire a trustworthy roofer to be aware of and check for these issues. The roofer should then make any necessary repairs to the wooden roof deck below. All previous problems with your roof should be resolved and it’s time to install a well-made and lasting roof.

Crew will begin prepping for new roof

First, your roofer should properly install a quality underlayment. This is your leak barrier and protection from the elements; it is your water, rain, and leak defense system. Next, you will see wood strips laid over the underlayment, just before the shingles.  Also, flashings and wood strips will should be used to protect the most vulnerable parts of your roof, like edges, corners and valleys, from water damage. Simplifying this process down to one paragraph takes away from how much work goes in here. You don’t want your roofers to mess up these steps, they are the most important measures taken to protect your roof.

Quality shingles should be attached properly

All protection is now in place, and we’re ready for a beautiful roof once again. Whether it’s concrete tiles or asphalt shingles, you want a roofer who will install them properly and get the job done right. This is just another layer of protection for your home. A bad roofer slaps shingles on without care and doesn’t follow installation instructions from the manufacturer, such as nailing information. In the end, special cap shingles will go here on vulnerable corner portions. Know that the edges of your roof should utilize starter strips before the shingles go on, as this is a vulnerable area as well. Vents will be planned for and are also surrounded by special shingles. This is the final layer to keep your home safe from leaks and high winds, as installing from the bottom up helps gravity keep water out.

In the end, your roofer should do a final inspection to verify any leaks or issues were fixed. The crew will clean up the job site and should make sure you, the homeowner, are satisfied. Your new roof is completed! If you are looking for a new roof in Arizona, from Tempe to Phoenix, Gilbert to Tucson, or anywhere between in the Valley, contact America Roofing Company. We are the most trustworthy and reliable roofing company in the area, we want to be the team to fix any roofing problem that you may have with the utmost care, and in a timely and well-done manner!

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