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Best Roofing Material for Extreme Weather

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Roofs have survived hurricanes, ice storms, and scorching summer sun. For homes, the roof also bears the brunt of what Mother Nature throws at it. Starting with sturdy construction materials is the best method to get your house ready for the harsh weather. Roofs are designed to withstand severe weather conditions.

Although you and your loved ones can always count on your roof to provide the shelter you need to feel safe and secure in your house, complete security depends on how well your roof was installed, and we here at America Roofing have got your back for that.

Best Roofing Material

Most roofs offer protection from these elements; however, some roofing materials perform better in extreme weather than others.


Slate roofing tile’s unique beauty and longevity as a natural stone product are just a few of its numerous advantages. The lifespan of slate tiles is up to 100 years, and they come in a variety of sizes and densities.

Although slate is hefty and expensive due to its strength and density, slate roofing is highly insulated and can withstand severe weather.


Homes in the desert must deal with sweltering heat, powerful winds, and periodic water damage. A metal roof, when properly positioned, deflects heat away from a house and lowers cooling expenses since it reflects 60–90% of the sun’s rays. Metal roofing has a wind resistance rating of up to 140 mph.

Metal shingles are safer than other types since they won’t catch on fire and can last up to 70 years. If you get high-quality shingles, you won’t have to worry about cracks, and general maintenance will be minimal.

A metal roof is also a good option for areas with a cold climate. The smoothness and lightness of this type of roofing are apparent benefits. Because of its smooth surface, snow and ice can easily slide off, preventing icicles’ development.


Tiles made of cement and concrete are exceptionally durable for many climes. Previously, a mixture of sand, cement, and water was used to create the tiles. This roofing material is currently a popular option on the market.

Despite being inexpensive, cement tile roofing has the appearance of a tiled roof. Its ability to withstand the elements makes it smart because you have several styles and color options. In areas with high wind speeds, cement tiles are the best choice.

Cement tiles are a flexible roofing choice. Both are fireproof and capable of withstanding harsh cold conditions. The roofing material has a 100-year life expectancy.

Our Final Thoughts

Considering where you reside, you must select a roofing type appropriate for the local climate. Choosing the proper roofing is essential if you are in a region with severe winters or consistently mild weather.

The optimal roofing material selection involves a lot of decisions. In addition to the appraised value, it is a good idea to include costs for upkeep, repairs, and replacement. Budgeting for your roof is a good idea in the long term. With the proper roofing material, your property can be shielded from the elements for a long time.