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Can You Live in a House During Roof Replacement?

As a homeowner, perhaps one of the major home improvement projects you are likely to undertake is a roof replacement. It’s not something you do every day or every year, but there are instances when your roof needs immediate attention. After all, it is your first defense line against the environment and is more prone to weather damage.

If you have never had a roof replaced, one of the most pressing questions in your mind is likely to be, “can I live in the house during the roof replacement job?”

This post will help you find the answer to your question and a lot more.

Can You Live in a House During Roof Replacement Job?

The answer is yes; you can live in the house during the roof replacement job. It will definitely be an inconvenience, but fortunately, the roofing process is not as complicated as it sounds. If you choose the right roofing pros, it can actually be an all-in-a-day work or a little more. Moreover, a professional roofing company understands that as homeowners, you have to take care of several things; your household, outdoor space, children, and pets. So they special care to ensure that minimum inconvenience is caused during the replacement job.

Of course, there is a lot more that you would want to know, so let’s look at what to expect during a roof replacement job.

Roof Replacement Job – What to Expect?

You may need to replace your old roof following a heavy storm or because of the age of your roof. Regardless of the reason, there comes a time when your roof needs replacement. Here is what to expect.

  • During the roof replacement job, you can stay at home, but the roofing company will share a few safety guidelines that you will need to follow.
  • The time that is required to complete a roof replacement job depends upon the job. It can take anywhere between a day to a few days.
  • A roof replacement job is loud and noisy. Depending upon your tolerance for noise, the loud noise can cause a lot of inconveniences.
  • Your roofers generally don’t need to access the indoor of your house during the job, but they might need to come in to examine the attic.
  • Children and pets may not be comfortable with many new things happening around the house and the unusual noise involved in the process. It may be a good idea to take your kids and pets outside the house during the replacement and bring them back once the job is completed.
  • You will be expected to take care of all your belongings, especially in your outdoor space. Make sure you remove all the outdoor furniture and other items before the roofers arrive.
  • Remember, roof replacement is a complex job that requires teamwork from both the roofing pros and the homeowners. By collaborating with the team, you can make the process a lot more convenient and comfortable for yourself and your family.

If you are looking for a professional roofing company for your roof replacement job, get in touch now!