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Welcome to Roofing Company Chandler AZ, experts in everything roofing-related! We’re a fully bonded and licensed contractor that has been serving Chandler Arizona for decades. As such, we’re the number one choice when something goes wrong with your roof.

Whether it’s for a residential or commercial property, we have a variety of solutions available to help you in your time of need. So, don’t let a loose slate or a leaky ceiling escalate into a massive problem. Instead, call Roofing Company Chandler AZ and nip the issue in the bud right now.

When you choose us, there’s no need for your lifestyle or your home to take a hit.

About Us

Founded in 1999, it didn’t take us long to buy out of investors and own the company outright. By 2003, four years after forming, we became an independent contractor whose goal was to spread across Arizona and the whole of the United States. Today, we deliver services from Chandler to Tucson and Phoenix, and we’re still growing.

Thanks to a team effort from our employees and family, we managed to eliminate all of our debt. This allowed us to expand the company by ten times its original size. Now, a reputable and well-recognized home and commercial roofer in AZ, ‘The Grand Canyon State’ is our oyster.

Come along with us on our journey by picking from our extensive services, and benefit from a world-class-yet-family-orientated contractor.

Chandler, Arizona

Why Chandler Arizona? It’s simple: we love the city! The state is our home and we want to give back to the people. Plus, when we’re not helping customers with their roofs, we get to enjoy Desert Breeze and Oasis parks. And, let’s face it – the Sonoran landscape is unbeatable.

Only 22 miles away from the budding metropolis that is Phoenix, it’s an excellent place for America Roofing Chandler AZ to expand into. Hopefully, you agree!

What We Do

If it’s roof-related and you live in Chandler, AZ then we’re happy to help. It doesn’t matter if you have a residential or commercial property because we don’t discriminate. We understand that businesses need Roofing Company Chandler AZ too, and we want to eradicate your company’s downtime.

Whether your business needs an inspection, repair, or a new roof, you can get a free quote online now. Don’t delay and put up with unbearable working conditions – give your workforce the warm, cozy environment they need to be productive.

The same goes for homeowners. A faulty roof is problematic all year round, but more so in the fall and winter. Rainwater can lead to damp and mold, while cracks in tiles open up the house to drafts. With our services, you can stop the elements from entering your home and becoming a major issue. And, if you pick Roofing Company Chandler AZ, it won’t break the bank.

Roofing Company Chandler AZ

For all your roofing problems, we’re the quickest and most efficient option in the whole of Arizona. So, get in touch now and let us use our experience and skills to your advantage.