Are You Experiencing Leaks, Creaks And Other Roofing Concerns In Chandler, Arizona?

Call In The Roof Repair Experts At America Roofing And Worry No More.


Sure, you might expect high-quality roofing to offer at least 20 years of household protection; but unfortunately that’s only possible if you stay on top of routine repairs and maintenance.

Without a consistent roof repair schedule, you can find yourself contending with:

  • Leakage throughout your home
  • Mold, mildew and other forms pervasive infection
  • Pest infestation through newly exposed entry points
  • Weather damage that actually spreads to the interior of your home; affecting electric wiring, lighting and heating
  • Rapidly rising energy bills (roofs provide vital insulation and ventilation to your home, preventing heat loss, and temperature gain all-year round)
By dealing with roof repairs at an early you can prevent a whole host of these costly complaints. We should know, at America Roofing we’ve provided all kinds of roofing services, from minor repairs to major roof restorations all across Chandler, Arizona for the past 19 years. With all that experience, we’ve learned that there’s certain problems homeowners just can’t afford to neglect.

Cracked Or Missing Shingles

You might think a few bare spots on your roof are no cause for concern, but apart from being an eyesore these patches represent vulnerabilities that could compromise the integrity of your entire structure.

With the substrate now exposed, you might find mold, or termites start to take hold in the underlying materials; that means eventually you might be faced with holes in your roofing. While rainy seasons are rare in Chandler, with even our spare precipitation any direct moisture can cause severe damage to your roof; damage that might eventually necessitate a complete replacement.

Don’t DIY it, call America Roofing in Chandler, Arizona. Our roofing technicians will find right shingles for your roof, and handle the replacement quickly, and efficiently; saving you the time and expense of an early roof renovation.

Clogged Gutters

Gutters might be used to divert moisture away from the underside of your roofing, but if you neglect proper cleaning; then water can easily build up behind a wall of twigs, leaves and other gunk. The mold and mildew that develops will directly affect the underlying layer of your roof, causing severe damage that you might not even notice until it’s too late.

We get it, cleaning gutters is time-consuming and messy; at America Roofing our roof repair technicians in Chandler can take care of all routine roof maintenance with ease.

General Leakage

Water damage is always the biggest danger when it comes to roofing, even in Chandler’s arid climate; just a little rainfall can go a long way. From the chimney, to the flashing points surrounding the vents and pipes, to your skylight; there are a lot of areas that moisture can accumulate unnoticed on your roof.

Whether you need new flashing, or just a simple caulking job; our roofing technicians in Chandler have the tools and know-how to seal off any potential entry points on your roof, in a flash.

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