Commercial Roof Inspections Arizona


America Roofing brings back-to-back commercial roof inspection Arizona services for offices, warehouses, retail shops, factory spaces, etc. With over twenty years of experience and exceptionally skilled technicians, we find problems that others can’t!

Our meticulous examination procedure leaves no stone unturned, no crack un-inspected. We provide out-of-the-box solutions for all commercial roof problems to enhance the strength and longevity of new as well as old roofs. We are the best and we know it!

We Provide Exceptional Commercial Roof Inspection Arizona Services

Our roofing inspectors conduct a detailed scrutiny of the exterior and interiors of commercial roofs. We look for unusual wear and tear, mold or other fungal growths, broken nails, broken shingles, improper tiles, etc.

Our detailed process is as follows.

  • Structural Inspection –We look for cracks, uneven tiles or roof planes, signs of sagging, broken structures, condition of Fascia, soffit, the gutter system and wiring, and more. Chimneys (for factories only) and venting are also inspected.
  • Material Inspection –Our inspectors find loose, missing, curling or broken shingles look for stains, outgrowths of organic material, rusting and rotting, and missing fasteners. Rubber boots and seals around vent pipers are checked for deterioration.
  • Interior inspection – We inspect interiors for water damage, deterioration, rotting, any signs of other damage, aging, electrical faults in wiring, etc. Safety and protection are always top priority!
  • Workmanship inspection –Our inspectors look for signs of future damage by examining the roof for problems in workmanship.
Once our commercial roof inspection Arizona is completed, we provide a detailed report of the condition of the roof and recommend necessary repairs. We educate our clients on the necessity of periodic maintenance and answer all queries. With such thorough examination, expert technicians and years of experience, no commercial roof problem is too big! Call us today and make all commercial roof problems go away!