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Factors to Consider When Planning to Turn Your Roof into Usable Space

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Not many people consider transforming their rooftop into a usable living space. The roofs are, more than often, only limited to placement of the outer unit of the HVAC systems or other similar pieces that can’t be placed anywhere else. However, your roof offers you a lot of space which, if you use it wisely, can offer plenty of benefits, including a boost in your home’s value.

However, you can’t just turn your roof space into anything you like. There are numerous critical factors that you must take into consideration before actually going ahead with your plan. It’s best to have a professional roofer inspect your roof and decide if your idea is practically possible or not.

Load Capacity

Your roof isn’t made to withstand as much weight as you wish to put on it. It can only bear a certain amount of load, beyond which its structural integrity will be put to serious risk. The first and most critical factors that you need to consider when planning to turn your roof into a usable space is the load capacity of your roof and whether it’s strong enough to bear the weight of the structure you’ve got in mind. A professional roofer can help you with this part.

The View

If your roof overseas a barren land or the backside of another property, investing your money into transforming your roof won’t be worth it. You would want to be able to enjoy a good view when you go up to the roof at the end of a long tiring day. If your roof doesn’t offer a quality view, it’s better not to turn your roof into a usable living space. It won’t be worth it!


This is yet another critical factor that you need to consider. If your roof isn’t easily accessible, how are you going to go up to enjoy the fresh breeze? Turning the roof into a usable space is a viable option only if the roof is easy to access. Without a proper and safe means of access, a fancy rooftop won’t be utilized to the best of its potential. Also, if you think you can have a professional roofer construct a safe staircase to the roof, you need to know that it would add to the overall cost of the project significantly.


Another critical consideration when planning to turn your roof into an evening lounging area is whether your roof is waterproof or not. When your roof is in regular use, there will be consistent water spoils and water from the washing of the area. If you don’t first waterproof your roof, your roof will leak and cause water-related damages inside your home. If your roof isn’t waterproof, you’ll have to set aside a budget for it first.

If you turn your roof into a peaceful and attractive lounging area correctly, you’ll be surprised by the number of benefits it’ll offer. Make sure you’ve got a professional roofer to inspect and evaluate your roof thoroughly before you get down to the real business.