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Four Common Causes of Roof Damage

Roof leaks can be quite damaging. Besides causing the annoying drip drop from the ceiling, roof leaks can damage your electrical wiring. In case of a roof leak, regardless of how big it is, you should immediately call a professional contractor who can fix the roof efficiently.

If you are confused between installing a new roof or fixing the existing one, you should ask the roofing contractor to see the condition and suggest the best possible option for you. Since new roofs cost a great deal of money, it is better to consult professionals before making any decision.

In addition to this, you will have to consult your residential homeowners association (HOA) and inform them about the changes you are about to do to your property. Some HOAs have strict rules regarding the handling of property and members (homeowners) have to inform them before they begin any construction work.

But what causes roof damage, you may ask. There are so many factors that can damage your roof. Some of them are explained below:

1. The Age of Your Roof

Just like a machine which depreciates because of regular wear and tear, a roof also starts showing signs of aging such as rotting or cracking. If your roof is 20 to 30 years old, you may notice cracks on multiple places. In some cases, the roof’s covering, often called shingles, also loosens and falls to the ground. Because of a weakened outer layer, your roof will be more exposed to the harshness of the sun and the wind. This will ultimately cause leaks. If your roof is in such a terrible situation, it is better to call a professional contractor.

2. Neglect

Your roof needs constant maintenance and care. You have to check your roof regularly for any cracks or leaks. If you fail to do so, you will ultimately suffer damaging consequences. It is important not to ignore any minor issues and get them checked in a timely manner.

3. Carelessness

It is okay to walk on the roof. The walking itself is not harmful to the roof. However, you should know that a roof, especially the one which is not protected by walk pads, cannot tolerate heavy traffic. So be careful if you plan to walk on the roof with your friends. When on the roof, try not to mishandle parts or drop heavy things as it will damage the roof’s membrane.

4. Weather Conditions

Harsh weather is one of the biggest causes of roof damage. The constant exposure to snow or water can tear the roof down and permanently damage it. In some areas, snow accumulates over drains and gutters, leading to the unwanted pooling of water. Violent hurricanes or tornadoes (which are getting quite common) can demolish an entire roof in one go. In addition, the constant exposure to the scorching heat of the sun can also damage the roof beyond repair.


Roofs require regular monitoring and maintenance. Always consult with professional roofing experts if you face any problem so that your roof is repaired timely.