How Long Do Tile Roofs Last?

Drive down any street and you can find numerous houses roofed with tiles. They are opted not just for their aesthetic appeal, but also for their life-span. If installed correctly and maintained well, tile roofs can actually last a good many years, approximating to 50.

However, this all depends on the quality of the material, the installation technique, the maintenance and the overall weather conditions of the area throughout the years. So, how long do tile roofs actually last?

To understand how long your roof will last, you need to consider the following.

Why tile roofs have longevity


Tile roofs have such a good life-span due to two reasons – damage resistance and fire resistance.

  1. Damage resistance –Tile roofs can take a beating or to, so to speak. Even with hail and debris pelting down on them, tiles show good resistance and don’t break off easily.
  2. Fire resistance –If you live in a fire-prone neighborhood, then tiles are a blessing. They can usually resist scathing heat and if Goodness forbid, your house does catch fire, you can rest assured that it will not burn down, at least not completely.


Problematic Areas


Underlying Felt

Now, before the tiles are laid out, felt is used to pave the surface. Felt however, wears down sooner than tiles – it lasts between 20 to 30 years.

Defective Shingles

Defective or discontinued shingles can also prove to reduce the longevity of your roof tiles.

If you have encountered any of the previous problems, a fire, and storm or even found defective shingles, then it’s a good time to check your roof. Finally, bad weather and foot traffic can easily break tiles. Regular and frequent checks are a must, but don’t go walking on your roof. Damage usually does not meet the eye and the roof can give away under your weight.

Hire a professional to check inspect your roof and consider whether it needs to be replaced or not.