How Often Should A Roof Be Replaced

Having a solid roof above your head is a comfort like none other! Food and shelter are the primary requirements for any human being. You come after a long day at work and the sight of your house would just bring some warmth into your heart, won’t it not? Shouldn’t you take good care of this roof and protect it? Which begs the question – is it time to replace your roof and how often should you replace it?

Your Roof Should Be Replaced Whenever Necessary

Now, there is no particular timeline for you to replace your roof. It all depends on the place where you are living, the material your roof is made up of, the weather conditions, maintenance of the roof and so on. However, here are some tell-tale signs that you need to replace your roof.

  • It’s been two decades – If it has been 20 years, then you should replace your roof ASAP, even if your grandfather built the roof with diamonds and his own hands! All roofs last a minimum of 20 years; most last up to 40, but better safe than sorry.


  • If shingles are curling – Shingles beginning to curl is a warning sign and you probably have about 5 years before your roof goes down. Find time to replace it and come home to a safe house.


  • Tiles are broken or you can see sunlight – If tiles are broken, then why have you been waiting for so long? Now!!


  • If shingles are broken If shingles are missing or are cracked, then you need to replace your roof within 2-3 years.


  • If your roof has suffered damage – In case of any recent water or fire damage, then there is a good chance you need to replace your roof as soon as you can.


Only a professional can tell you if you need to replace your roof. Don’t wait, stay safe. Call America Roofing today!