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How to Clean Your Roof During Summer

There is a saying “out of sight, out of mind”. This holds true for homeowners who neglect roof maintenance even when they are carrying out home repairs around your house. The reason for this negligence is simple: you don’t see the roof. It’s above your head and it is not in your direct vision. Also, any damage that has been caused to the damage is on the outside. This means that you have to go upstairs and inspect the roof – seems like a lot of work, no?

Experts believe that when it comes to potential roof problems, most of the time it is the lack of maintenance that causes the problem. We all know how tiring and expensive roof repairs can be. We also know that you are one of us who don’t want to spend responsibly and save the money for the rainy days (which shouldn’t be the day your roof breaks).

Even if your roof is relatively new and you feel that it is not exposed to any potential danger, you should clean your roof to improve your house’s appeal. While for you the roof is virtually invisible, for outsiders, or your neighbors, your roof is the first thing that they notice. Unkempt roofs give an ugly look to your otherwise beautiful house. Therefore, cleaning your roof is mandatory. For all such cleaning purposes, summer is the perfect season.

You can inspect the roof easily, you have long days to carry out your work, and you won’t have to bear harsh cold breeze or heavy showers while working on the roof (though the sun can be unforgiving).

Tips for Roof Cleaning

Now that we have fairly convinced you to add roof cleaning in your to-do list, let us provide you some tips for roof cleaning.

1. Inspect

The first step that you have to take is to carry out a thorough inspection to detect loose or missing shingles. You must know that shingles need to be nailed down and if they are loose, they are probably indicating to a serious problem. If you see shingles not secured on their places, you should call a professional roof contractor immediately.

2. Clear The Roof

At first, it seems that harmless, but unattended water or leaves on your rooftop can cause some very serious damages. The weight of this debris will pull your gutter downwards, possibly separating it from the roof. To avoid this, you should clear the roof and clean your gutters regularly. Do this task at least once a month.

3. Maintain The Trees

You’d probably be thinking that there is no connection between your perfectly manicured trees in your yard and your roof. Well, there is! Strong winds can break trees’ branches or even tear down the trees. These broken branches land on your roof, damaging the area they hit. It is advisable to trim all the branches that are closer to your home to avoid any damages.


Regular cleaning is easy to carry out and is not taxing. If you are in doubt, schedule an appointment with professionals and let them inspect your roof. They will be in a better position to detect any growing problem.