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How to De-Ice Your Roof

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Winter, cold weather, snow, and ice on the roof, do you want to imagine it and the hassle that comes along? Waiting to break through the ice on your roof is one of the winter nightmares. But if you are looking for ways to de-ice your roof, read on to find out some of the ways to get that ice off your roof.

Use a Snow Rake

One of the best ways to get started with de-icing your roof is to use a snow rake, which is a shovel designed to remove snow from the roof. Snow rakes are available in several shapes, sizes, and styles, so you need to go for one that’s light enough for you to work with.

You can use the same equipment to remove crusted ice and not just snow, so it is a good investment that can help you de-ice your roof effectively.

Use an Ice-Pick

Another way to de-ice your roof is the old-fashioned technique of using an ice pick. However, it is a hard job that requires you to stand on a ladder and complete the ice-picking job. Moreover, you will need to use safety goggles and gloves and apply a moderate force to complete the task.

Apply De-icing Chemicals

One of the safest and quickest ways to de-ice your roof is to apply de-icing chemicals that you can purchase from the hardware store, which helps melt the ice. However, when buying de-icing chemicals, avoid buying cheap stuff as it can damage your roof. It’s best to go for de-icing chemicals that do not contain sodium chloride, as it can also lead to damage to your roof in the long run.

Call an Expert

De-icing your roof DIY is one of the most common ways to do roof cleaning following a snowfall, but it’s not always the best. Often, DIY roof de-icing can be unsafe and damage shingles and other parts of the roof.

Hence, calling an expert is the best solution. America Roofing is your professional solution for all your roof inspection and repair needs. Our trained and experienced staff is specialized in identifying and dealing with all kinds of roof problems that your roof may experience during the coldest months of the year. To learn more about roofing experts at America Roofing, get in touch here.

Things to Avoid When De-Icing Your Roof

As we discuss ways to de-ice your roof, it is important to highlight a few things that you should avoid during the process.

  • Do not ignore ice and snow build up on your roof as it can damage the roof,
  • Do not use a hammer or shovel to break the ice as it can also damage your roof, and
  • Don’t assume roof de-icing is always a DIY project.

Request a free estimate for a roof inspection today and win the battle against snow build-up and ice on your roof.