how to install shingle roofing

Installing new shingle or replacing the old and damages shingles can be a little hectic if you don’t know what exactly to do. With proper knowledge and information, it can get easier, but to do that you need to educate yourself about the brief process of installing shingle roofing in the right way.

Before starting the installation of shingle roofing, the first and foremost thing you need to do is, to maintain proper safety precautions. Wearing the appropriate safety gear and using the ladder with right height are the key elements here. So, let’s see how to install Shingle Roofing Arizona:

  • The first step of installing roofing is to estimate the quantity of materials that you would need. Shingles are sold in bundles, which are known as Squares. You should measure the square foot of your roof, in order to conclude the amount of squares required for the roofing.


  • Next step is determining the type of shingles for you roof. Several factors such as zoning codes, climate, building’s purpose, and similar others should be considering while selecting the type of shingles.


  • Take out the nails for the removal of damaged shingles. You can use a knife to excise shingle when the nails are being covered. Proceed with the bonding of shingles with the roof by using nails and cement.


  • Now, it’s time to take care of the roof valleys. This is the aspect that you should be highly careful with, since any mishap may cause leaks. Roll roofing material should be applied, along with metal flashing on the middle of the roof valley.


  • Use a chalk line on the center part of the roof and continue with attaching a starter strip.


Although this process may seem simple, it’s quite exhausting and confusing for someone who doesn’t really know the process on back of their hand. America Roofing has the expertise and experience in installing shingle roofing Arizona. Give us a call and let us do the job for you!

6 thoughts on “How to install shingle roofing?

  1. Krista

    When it comes to installing shingles, it would be perfectly done if they will ask for the help of their trusted roofers. Installing or replacing shingles can truly be a little hectic, so it’s better to ask the help of a licensed contractor. It ’s great that you have shared some practical tips here.

    1. America Roofing Post author

      Thanks Krista!

  2. Matthieu

    Sometimes, people choose to install shingles by themselves since they think it would save more money but it definitely isn’t the case at all. Mishaps could definitely happen to people who lack the right equipment and expertise so it is really smart to hire licensed professionals in the field of roofing. Kudos for creating an outstanding article.

    1. America Roofing Post author

      Thank you Matthieu!

  3. Ralph Hughes

    It’s always difficult installing roofing when working solo without expertise. My advice is to hire good professional for the task. But if still you are doing so, Stripping off the old shingles may not be as easy as you think. Be sure you buy a special roofing spade designed to remove asphalt shingles. It has serrated teeth on its lower edge to help remove roofing nails. It also has a V-shaped piece of metal welded to the back of the spade to increase the leverage as you pop shingles from the roof. This tool will minimize frustration and save you hours of labour.

    1. America Roofing Post author

      Thanks for your feedback Ralph! Glad you enjoyed the post!

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