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Painting a Roof: Going DIY or Hiring Professionals?

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Out of all home improvement tasks, painting seems to be the easiest. People assume that a little spackling followed by brush strokes and voila! A sparkling wall stands before them! Well, not so fast! Painting is not as smooth and blip-free as it seems on paper, especially when tackling tricky structures, such as the roof. While coloring walls is also not a job for the inexperienced, it’s safe to attempt, unlike painting a ceiling.

When it comes to painting a roof, there are multiple factors that need to be considered, which a layperson will most likely overlook and end up with a botched paint job.

Why DIY Roof Painting is a Bad Idea?

Since the roofing is not as regularly examined as the walls in a home, the chances of damage to it are much higher that you might not notice when you go up the ladder to brighten up the color. Secondly, painting a roof is more effectively carried out when done using spray equipment. And that is not something that’s available in every home. Lastly and most importantly, a roof is a tricky structure at a considerable height; without a proper hoisting trolley or truck, you can get into an accident that could very easily turn fatal.

The perils of DIY painting a roof are plenty and should be enough to discourage anyone thinking of doing it. But moreover, hiring a professional team offers so many benefits that it becomes too tempting to pass on. Here is a list of the many perks that will come your way if you hire expert roofers.

Thorough Inspection

Regular roof inspections are an absolute must, but many people choose not to do that. Not getting your roof inspected periodically is already a misstep that should be corrected, but it’s especially detrimental when painting the roof. A neglected roof can develop defects over time, and if those are not fixed, painting over those will conceal them until they flare up, requiring substantial damage control. Therefore, a roof inspection is essential before painting and if you hire professionals, they will not only do it but also fix the faults that come up during the inspection.

Elaborate Cleaning

Aside from inspection, a roof must be immaculately cleaned before it’s painted over so that the color applied comes out in its best possible shade, and the shingles are entirely bare and scraped before painting. If you DIY paint your roof, you will not be able to clean it like professionals because they have specialized equipment for the job. Furthermore, the hoist roofers have enables them to reach hard-to-reach points without trouble, and that is not possible if you don’t have the said apparatus. And if you choose to paint your roof without it, you’ll most likely end up missing spots and not do a decent job. Therefore, selecting experts over yourself is the better choice.

The Bottom Line

If you have a knack for DIY jobs, try your hand at low-stake tasks so that you don’t endanger yourself or have to pay a hefty amount of money if the outcome isn’t what you expected. Let professionals help you where it’s necessary.