Roof Inspection Phoenix AZ

Roof Inspection Phoenix

Can Your Roof Stand Up To Season, After Season Of Sweltering Summers In Phoenix?

Phoenix residents can count themselves lucky in a lot of ways. We don’t have to deal with the heavy rainfall, snow and gale-force winds that hit so much the country. That lack of precipitation also means roofs in Phoenix are largely protected from the effects of water damage and leakage.

Unfortunately, there are other, more subtle dangers homeowners do have to deal with, namely intense year-round sunlight, and soaring temperatures.

Unlike other forms of harsh weather, heat damage can go unnoticed for long periods of time; as exposed roofing shingles slowly begin to crack, warp, and rot.

At America Roofing In Phoenix, Arizona Our Experienced Roofing Inspectors Can Spot Signs Of Roof Damage, Before They Become Apparent.

Roof repairs are quick and inexpensive as long as they’re caught in time; but without regular roof inspections, and preventative maintenance; you could be looking a roof replacement that costs you upwards of $15,000. Is that an investment you can really afford to make? While DIY might seem like an appealing cost-saver; you can often underlying signs of damage that are only obvious to a trained roofing technician. So, even if you’re not facing a specific roofing issue, getting your roof inspected annually can save you thousands of dollars down the line.

When You Call America Roofers In Phoenix, Arizona; You Get A Complete Roof Inspection Service That Includes:

A Complete Assessment Of The Roof Surface

From roofing materials that are splintered, cracked or simply missing; to exposed areas of the substrate. Our roofing inspectors will go over the exterior of your roof with a fine toothcomb to identify problem areas; and possible solutions.

Inspection Of The Roofing Substrate

While most people can spot superficial roofing damage; underlying issues are far harder to recognize. That’s where years of experience and specific tools come in handy. Our expert team in Phoenix will evaluate the interior layer of your roof to find any possible signs of leakage, mold and infestation.

A Thorough Check Of Insulation, Ventilation And Moisture Levels

Once our roofing inspectors have completed a visual assessment; we’ll examine the interior ceilings to assess any possible water damage, improper insulation, or inadequate ventilation that may necessitate expensive repairs in the future.

We Also Inspect:

  • For clogged and corroded gutters
  • For sagging at the rafters and other structural damage
  • For loose and leaking flashing
  • For improper installation

No Roof Lasts Forever, But You Can Make Sure Your Roof Last Its Lifetime With Regular Roofing Inspections By America Roofing in Phoenix.

No matter where you’re located in Phoenix, America Roofing can help protect the safety, integrity and continued comfort of your home. Our Phoenix based roofing technicians offer, prompt service of the highest standard; to meet the needs of both commercial and residential clients throughout the city.

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