Roofing Contractor Phoenix AZ


As your leading roofing contractor Phoenix, we at America Roofing are confident that we have everything you need and want when it comes to roofing and other related concerns.

What Sets Us Apart?

Energy Efficiency Guaranteed

The materials that we make use for our roofing projects have been made in such a way that you don’t have to worry about energy efficiency concerns at all. It means that you can have long term savings when it comes to your utility costs.

Enjoy Better Durability

America Roofing delivers extremely durable roofing materials. Some of the products we carry are chemical resistant, fire resistant, and even high wind resistant.

Clean and Simple Roofing Installations

With the help of our team, you can look forward to safe and quiet installation, with no open flames, no loud machinery, no tar, and definitely no mess. We can install single-ply materials in your existing roofs without a need for any tear-off.

Get the Best Warranties

The materials we use are backed by the longest as well as the best warranties that you can never expect from any other roofing contractor Phoenix.

Long-Term Value

Our materials have been proven to be the most durable that also boasts of the longest and most effective roof life.

Maintenance Free

America Roofing takes pride in quality roofing installations and repair that will help you save both money and time as there is no need for any maintenance. You can enjoy the benefits of our finished job with lesser worries.

Why Choose America Roofing?

Probably the most common question we receive every day is why they should choose us over another roofing contractor Phoenix. Listed below are the top three reasons that we believe set us apart from our competition in the area:

  • Teamwork – At America Roofing, we firmly and always believe that teamwork is among the most fundamental aspects of a great working relationship. Our field technicians, project coordinators, consultants, administrative personnel, superintendents, and other additional trades we hire during projects all share the same devotion to the common goal of working harmoniously together to offer your clients with only the finest solutions for their home or business.
  • Integrity – We establish a reputation on serving all our clients with the highest level of respect for fairness with a specific emphasis on doing the right things and on quality whatever the circumstances might be, and this is what makes our business stronger than ever. Repeat business from our clients is the solid proof of our success.
  • Commitment – Right from the first meeting with our client up to the completion of the project and close out, the members of our team are dedicated to every project entrusted to them. They also hold accountable for the successful outcome. We make sure that we proactively render solutions for all our clients and this paves way for long lasting relationships which are fundamental for our business.

As your insured and licensed roofing contractor Phoenix, America Roofing continues to give our best in everything we do to meet and go beyond your expectations.

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