Prepare Your Commercial Roof For Winter In Arizona

The roof of your building keeps out cold and heat and safeguards your building against extreme weather conditions. Having a roofing contractor in Arizona do your roofing services like preparing your commercial building for the cold or ice, can help greatly in keeping your roof safe in the winter season. Some roofs are not that strong or permanent, and they may require repair or replacement within a few short years. If the winter season is still a few days away, then you still have time to look after clogged drains, scuppers, and other issues to keep your roof prepared against the extremities of the season.


A qualified roofing contractor in Arizona can ensure that such issues and defects are fixed so that the cold temperatures will not damage the structure of your roof or makes it prone to leaks.


Risk Increases with Cold Temperatures


Failure to correct defects and forgetting to winter proof your home before the beginning of the winter season can invite disastrous results. If your roof is toward the end of its serviceable life, but you still want it to be able to resist strong winds and severe weather conditions, then you need to invest in proper roof repairs and maintenance. When you hire a roofing contractor in Phoenix for winter proofing your roof, you can get an affordable, simple, and lasting solution to your roofing problem.

There are a variety of reasons your roof might be leaking. Major defects in flashing, failure of the sealant, separation at seams, and cracks in the membranes are just some of the reasons you’ll need to repair your roof.


Roof Coating Protection


Single-ply membranes that are nearing the end of their useful lives tend to be fragile and highly susceptible to roof leaks and damages. A worn out, multi-patched membrane is a huge risk especially, in the winter season.  If you hire us you can have a professional apply coating to your roof to increase its useful life. Coating can also provide long-term support for aging metal roofs.

What’s Your Winter Plan For Roofing?


Cold temperatures and ice that accumulates on your roof can cause it to crack and break down. In northern Arizona, please protect your roof with a proactive winter roofing. A pile of fresh, towering snow can exert nearly 20 lbs. of weight per cubic foot on your roof. On a similar note, wet snow or partially melted and refrozen snow  applies roughly 60 lbs. per cubic foot of weight. If you live in Northern Arizona, your roof may have been structured to bear some extra snow load, but the most excellent practice is to have heavy snow removed as soon as possible.  Hire a roofing contractor in Arizona to prevent your roof against snow damage.