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Preparing a Roof for the Hurricane Season

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Thinking about braving a hurricane is acutely daunting, leaving people in crippling fear of losing their properties or, worse, their lives. But despite the paralyzing fright that takes over an individual at the thought of weathering a hurricane, they must make arrangements to ensure the safety of their estate and loved ones during the spell of torrential rains and blustery winds. Failing to take the necessary precautionary measures before the hurricane season can be irreversibly damaging for anyone. Therefore, one must remain proactive so that they are safe with the roof over their head intact after the natural adversity has passed.

Speaking of roofing, hurricanes can be particularly devastating for roofs everywhere. From obliterating them to creating craters in them, a raging storm can do unimaginable harm to a home’s slate. Hence, taking steps to ensure that the roofing of your home remains securely seated on top is essential. And here’s how you can do that

Schedule An Inspection

When the meteorological station forecasts a possible hurricane, you should immediately book an inspection of your roof. Don’t stall doing that because in case you find damage; you will need time to fix it before the storm hits. Contact a reputable team of roofers and have your roof inspected.

If they find defects in your home’s slate, ask them to patch those right away. If not, then you can move on to the next step.

Strap Your Roof

Since a tempestuous hurricane can blow off entire roofs from over the houses, fastening the top to the walls is critical. In case your roof needs touch-ups, have those done, then ask your roofers to strap it to the walls. Don’t think about doing it yourself because it’s a complicated job that requires precision and proper tooling. And if that’s not available, you can end up doing more damage than good; therefore, ask professional roofers to strap your roof down.

Check Your Insurance

Nobody likes to think about losing a part of their property, let alone the entire estate. But keeping a pragmatic approach is also necessary when preparing for a storm, which means you cannot entirely cross off the possibility of suffering some structural damage. To be safe than sorry, you should check your insurance policy and make sure that it covers repairs should the need arises. If you believe a different policy would be better for you, switch to that so that you do everything right to save your home.

Trim The Trees

If you have mighty or gnarly trees in the vicinity, cut those at least a bit, if not all. The fierce winds in a hurricane can lead to bulky items falling over your roof. That would not only be bad for the house but also you and your family’s well-being. A loud thud over a home’s roof can be startling to the point of getting palpitations. Hence, you should take every necessary action to clear out the surrounding land.

Clean Your Gutters

Having clean gutters is critical as they carry the water out of a roof. If your gutters are clogged, they will lead to water accumulation, which will eventually trigger algae blooms.

Follow the mentioned protocol, and we promise you’ll be safe in the unluckiest of times.