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Preparing Your Roof For The Upcoming Monsoon Season

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Monsoons can be a bit brutal in some regions. Since the roof of your house is exposed directly to the

wrath of the monsoon, it incurs the most damage. From chipped capping to broken shingles to leakages, monsoon-related roof damage is real. When the season ends, homeowners have to spend hefty amounts of money in getting the repairs fixed.

However, if you prepare your roof for the monsoon season before it strikes, you can save significantly on repair work and the stress that follows. Let’s have a look at some useful tips that will help you prepare your roof for the upcoming monsoon season.

1.     Clean The Roof

Debris and fungal growth on a roof are very common. Not only do they make the roof look unappealing, but they also make it weaker in the long run. The first monsoon roof preparation tip is to clean your roof of any debris and fungal growth before it starts raining.  Debris and fungus result in the accumulation of water, which affects the integrity of the roof and may also lead to leakages. Therefore, you should make sure to have it cleaned on time.

2.     Inspect The Gutter

The key to protecting your roof from water damage during monsoon season is to ensure that the water drains out properly. Unclean and unchecked gutters cause problems in drainage. Debris and leaves usually block the water flow through the gutters. When that happens, water starts to pool on the roof, which can have devastating effects on the roof. Moreover, it can cause fungal growth and even leakages.

3.     Fix Cracks In The Roof

The next important monsoon roof preparation tip is to get any cracks in your roof fixed before monsoon season strikes. You can either have a professional roofer to the job for you or get a repair kit for chipped tiles from the market and do it yourself.

4.     Ensure Flashings Aren’t Damaged

One of the most common reasons why roof leakages occur is damaged flashings around the vents, chimneys, satellites, and skylights. They’re usually made of steel that expands or contracts with changes in temperature. Ensuring that flashings aren’t damaged is an important monsoon roof preparation tip that will prevent any leakage issues during the upcoming rainfall season. Hire a professional roofing contractor for inspection and repair, if needed.

5.     Get Thorough Roof Inspection

Your roof might look like it is in the perfect shape when, in reality, there might be certain underlying issues hidden to your naked eye. The best way to know if there are any parts of the roof that needs attention before the monsoon season hits is to hire a professional roofing contractor and get a thorough inspection of your roof.


The money that you’ll have to spend in minor roof touch-ups is nothing compared to what you’ll have to spend on post-monsoon roof repairs. Hiring a professional roofing contractor to do the job is the most important monsoon roof preparation tips that will keep your roof and your home secure.