Residential Flat Roof Arizona

If you’re a homeowner in Arizona or the surrounding areas and are wondering what type of residential roof you should install, our recommendation is flat roof Arizona. Here at America Roofing, we can ensure top-notch residential roofing services at affordable rates. Most homeowners simply can’t decide what type of roofing they should get in their homes, which is partly because there are so many different options available to them. But let’s make your task easier. At America Roofing, we help you find the right solutions for your roofing problems. We have been in the industry for a long time and know all about the different roofs in the market. The most common problems that homeowners have with finding a quality roofing solution is that they don’t go to professional roofing contractors for their answers. Everyone likes searching on the internet or asking people close to them, and there is nothing wrong with doing that.

The problem is that, they end up getting different answers, which ends up further confusing them. That is why it is better to approach the professionals, who can guide you better on making the best decision for your roofing problems. At America roofing we are professionals, and if you ask us, our number one suggestion would be to go with residential flat roofing.

Now, let us explain why we mentioned flat roofing as an option for you. It is one of the best and safest roofing options out there, and there are lots of different materials that it is available in. Some homeowners don’t even know about flat roofing, which is something that we are going to clear up.

Why Do Flat Roofs Exist?

Before we go on to tell you about the benefits of flat roofs and explain how they add value to your life, let us discuss why these flat roofs exist. The reason why professional roof contractors will always mention flat roofs to you as a roofing solution is because of the following:

  • Great aesthetics
  • Convenience
  • Less Maintenance
  • Long Durability

Of course, the type of home you are living in is also a factor that must be accounted for before you go ahead with flat roofing. If you have a home with an unblended roof that pitches, then flat roofs aren’t the solution for you. However, a home that is built normally will benefit greatly from a flat roof Arizona, because it will increase the aesthetics and resale value of the home.

The main job of any roof is to protect the home from the elements, and that is why flat roofs are a great solution. They ensure that you don’t have to worry about water or snow buildup at all. You should also know that flat roofs aren’t completely flat, because they will be angled slightly to ensure that water can flow. The materials used for flat roofs are also designed to withstand the brunt of harsh weather conditions, so that ice, hail, snow, or pounding water doesn’t damage the roof.

Why Foam Roofs?

Spray Polyurethane Foam roofing (SPF) provides the perfect compromise between form and function to fit the needs of every Arizona home.

SPF starts off as a mix of liquids (a polyol and an isocyanate) inside a specially designed applicator. When sprayed, the two components mix at the tip of the nozzle jumpstarting a chemical reaction. As we begin to coat your roof with this solution, it starts to expand – growing to around 20 times its original size and mass within seconds! This creates a hard, seamless, water-tight surface that’s ready in a fraction of the time it takes to install other roofing solutions.

The great thing is that foam roofing, can be directly applied on your existing substrate. It can be cleaned, prepared and secured for application simply and easily.

The Best In Flat Roofing

At America Roofing we provide multiple roofing solutions and options to everyone, which is why we want to discuss two of the best options you can get for your home. Most commercial businesses prefer flat roofing, because of the great benefits it offers, and the aesthetics. We are going to discuss two of the best options in residential roofing for you. These are:

  • Foam Roofs
  • Walk Decks

Why Walk Decks?

Walk Decks are one of the most popular solutions as a roofing solution in Arizona. It provides a fun and attractive way to increase the value of your home, since it adds to its aesthetic appeal.

Residential walking decks in Arizona are growing in popularity, since they are one of the best ways to improve your outdoor living space, as they offer a nice area for you to relax in. You can also hold parties and get-togethers with your family and friends more conveniently with walk decks in Gilbert.

At America Roofing we can help provide homeowners with excellent walk decks in Chandler that can be installed on the roof, on one side of the home, and even all around the house.

Benefits Of Flat Roofing

When you come to America Roofing for your roofing solutions we will be upfront with you about the best possible roofing solution for your home. We want you to have complete knowledge about the best roofing solution, so that you can make a good investment. To help you make your mind, we are going to provide you with the benefits of flat roofing solutions. So here are the benefits of flat roofs:


This one is an obvious benefit, because flat roofing solutions are guaranteed to withstand heavy force of harsh weather conditions.


Another great benefit of flat roof is that you get lots of space and room to store items on your roof. You can easily store an AC vent or other heavy equipment you don’t need there. Plus, you also get the convenience of sitting back and relaxing on your roof.

If you’re looking for flat roofing solutions or flat roof Arizona, or the surrounding areas, get in touch with America Roofing, by calling us at 602-237-2478.