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Residential Pitched Roofing

Residential Pitched Roofing Arizona

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Although we do Pitched Roofing Arizona, we are not a state set up to deal with the issues of rain, wind and if up north even snow. This is why many of the commercial and residential buildings you’ll see are designed with flat roofing; understandably so — in Arizona’s dry arid seasons you want to minimize heating as much as possible.

Flat roofing brings its own issues when the rain and cold does come around, as it inevitably does at some point during the year. Vents and drains become waterlogged and leaky, while the increased weight and water absorption can cause damage and drainage issues at some point down the line.

The solution is obvious, and it’s been around for a long time. Pitched roofing Arizona in Tempe, Glendale, Mesa, Phoenix and everywhere else in Arizona is the answer.

What Is Pitched Roofing?

Pitched roofing refers to any roofing solution that has a slope or peak, for many environments pitched roofs provide maximum efficiency, ease of maintenance and protection against a variety of seasonal factors.

Wide Ranging Benefits

Flat roofing is a utilitarian solution to practical concerns, and it can often take on an unsymmetrical or unsightly appearance, to fit the needs of different climates and environments. No matter what the weather conditions are, pitched roofing in Phoenix and surrounding areas, provides a consistent, classic appearance that makes your house stand out.
Flat roofing might leave less room for heat transfer, but it’s a fairly limited solution for the variety of environmental factors that nature can throw at you. With pitched roofing Arizona, you have a roofing solution that can provide protection against, wind, rain, snow and hail.
The last thing anyone wants after a pricey roofing repair or renovation is to worry about replacements and maintenance. That’s why long-lasting roofing solutions are so important. If you opt for pitched roofing, whether you’re in Scottsdale or Tucson, you’ll have a roof that’s designed to last for 30 years or more with a little bit of upkeep.
Nobody likes to do roofing repairs or maintenance; it can be unsafe, time-consuming and expensive if things go wrong. We have a highly skilled team of contractors and repairmen that can make the job much easier, and they all agree that pitched roofing requires far less care to keep in tip-top shape.
Attics and lofts aren’t a regular future in Arizona architecture, but bigger families can definitely use that extra room. With a pitched roof in Arizona, your house gets a well ventilated, well lit extra room to fit a variety of purposes. Not too bad for a roofing solution.
The ability to customize the design and appearance of pitched roofing is unmatched by flat alternatives. With pitched roofing in Mesa, and other cities you can pick from stone, tile, wood, shingle, slate and a variety of other attractive applications, which will make your house look like a million bucks.

Unique Solutions Are Our Specialty

At America Roofing we’re committed to providing the best options for securing and protecting your home. Whether you require shingles, tiles, or foam roofing; we can incorporate your needs into effective pitched roofing for Tucson all the way to Mesa.

We understand that roofing isn’t just about functionality either. Our pitched roof designs and constructions are built to increase the curb appeal of your home bringing unique beauty to the architecture of your property.

What We’ll Provide For You

If this is your first time dealing with roof replacement or renovation then never fear, our skilled contractors and service technicians have been through the process many times before. We can help:

  • Choose the right material – Whether you’re looking for a certain look, a certain price or whether you’re focused on safety, performance and durability; we can guide you in the right direction for your pitched roof construction.
  • Choose the right insulation – Roofs are designed to protect your family from the elements, in Arizona that usually means keeping out the sun. We’ll find the right type of insulation board and install it, so you don’t have to worry about heat, sun, or even rain leaking in; or all that cold air leaking out.
  • Prevent damage from condensation – Moisture can kill the integrity of your house, and we are committed to preventing it getting through the roof. With a vapor control layer we can stop moisture getting through your pitched roof and affecting your interior.
  • Choose the right thickness – Thickness is important, you want to ensure maximum reduction of heat transfer; but still keep your pitched roofing solution light-weight to prevent structural problems. Our experienced contractors can find the right materials to provide durable, efficient pitched roofing.
  • Minimize the work to your existing roof – If you’re in the market for a renovation, then the last thing you want to hear is that your roof needs to be torn off completely. At America Roofing, we are committed to providing the least invasive, most cost-effective pitched roofing in Arizona.

Convinced? Give Us A Call

We’re ready and waiting to deal with any questions or concerns you have, wherever you’re looking for pitched roofing in Arizona, we’re available and willing to visit. So call us now, at, 602-362-8212, or visit our offices and get your pitched roofing Arizona installed today.