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The Most Popular Roofing Solution In Arizona

Did you know that 75% of American homes currently have shingle roofing? Go into any hardware, or general store across Arizona, and you’ll find a staggering array of roofing shingles. In Phoenix AZ, Mesa, Chandler, and any other city in the State that you can name, you’ll find them under the label of major manufacturers like GAT, IKO and TAMKO.

But what makes shingles the number one roofing solution in the country?

Anatomy Of A Shingle

Shingle roofs consist of a series of flat or curved tiles, arranged to interlock or overlap in order to allow water to run off them. One of the best features of shingles is the variety and adaptability they provide. No matter where you are looking for shingle roofing in Arizona, there will be an array of materials, colors and styles to satisfy your needs. By far, the most popular types of shingle roofing are asphalt and fiberglass, but there are a few more unique options available as well.

Asphalt Shingles

Look to your left, and then look to your right. Chances are you’ll see roofing shingles from Gilbert AZ, to Scottsdale, and the vast majority of these will be made of asphalt. It’s no wonder either, these shingles are inexpensive, and easy to install, and they’re available in every color and pattern under the sun. So, you can easily find one to match your exterior, or fit the design you want to build towards.

Asphalt shingles aren’t just all for show either, while they might not be as durable as some other options, they’ll resist fire, wind and water admirable for at least a decade.

Fiberglass Shingles

If you opt for Fiberglass roofing shingles in Peoria AZ, or Tucson, you’ll get a more modern, lightweight and durable roofing solution. Made with a fiberglass mat base and bonded together with a waterproof solution, these shingles will provide great protection from the elements.

Wood Shingles

Wood shingles are definitely the way to go if you’re looking to make your house stand out from the crowd. These roofing shingles provide a nice middle ground between accessible, adaptable asphalt and more decorative tile roofing.

They may not be as practical a roofing solution as some of the other options on offer, but if aesthetics and design are your thing, then you can’t go wrong with wood shingle roofing in Arizona. While other contractors might struggle to provide you with the necessary skills for a clean install, at America roofing we are well-equipped to handle all sorts of unique roofing applications.

Slate Shingles

If you are looking for high quality function above all, then slate is the material for you. Slate roofing shingles have been known to last 80-100 years with ease, and their fantastic damage resistance means they will withstand the coldest winters or the most sizzling summers.

Slate roofing shingles in Mesa AZ, and surrounding cities, are the choice to make if you’re concerned more about luxury, quality and reliability than expense. Just make the choice and our highly trained contractors will provide the expertise.

Why Should I Choose Shingle Roofing


One of the main reasons shingle roofing in Arizona is such a popular option is the unbeatable price. If you are opting for one of the more budget friendly options, such as asphalt, fiberglass or rubber, you’ll get plenty of bang for your buck.

While our roofing contractors are highly experience and specially trained, we’ll admit that applying roofing shingles in Phoenix AZ, or anywhere else in the state is simple!


With the variety of choices available at hardware stores, and the many additional options we can offer for shingle roofing supplies, you can get great design with functionality for the fraction of the price of other options.

Whether your roof is flat or pitched, a rustic home design or something modern, we’ve got shingle roofing in Arizona to meet all your aesthetic needs.

Easy Upkeep And Care

Shingle roofing may require a little more regular maintenance than other roofing options, in order to sustain its lifespan. But thankfully shingle roofing requires no special skills or know-how to maintain, whether you want to try replacing a loose shingle yourself, or you decide to call in our experienced repairmen. We’ll get your maintenance handled quicker than you can imagine.

Fire Resistance

Living in the southwest, wildfires are a constant threat, ensuring your house is secure and fireproof is a big concern. That’s why the asphalt and fiberglass roofing shingles we provide through Arizona are rated Class A, fire resistant. Whether you need roofing shingles in Chandler AZ, or Mesa, you can rest assured your home is taken care of with America Roofing

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