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Roofing FAQs – 5Common Questions about New Roofs

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Replacing an old roof with a new one is a significant home renovation project, and it is only natural for homeowners to have a lot of questions about the process. Fortunately for homeowners in Arizona, America Roofing is here to answer all the questions about new roofs. With over 20 years of experience with you, we can help you find answers to all your FAQs about new roofs.

Qs. # 1. What are the Signs that I Need a New Roof?

Your roof deals with a lot. From extreme sunshine and moisture to hurricanes, snowfall, and rain, different weather conditions can damage your roof. Some of the early damages your roof may experience include broken tiles, curling shingles, and leaking ceiling. But these are minor damages that you can quickly repair by getting the services of a professional roofing company.

However, if you notice any of the following signs, it’s time for a new roof.

  • Cracks in chimney’s masonry,
  • Blistering shingles,
  • Signs of roof rotting,
  • Water backup on your roof’s eaves,
  • Damaged roof flashings.

Even if you don’t see any signs of damage to your roof, if you have an old roof (with an age of 20 years or more), it is best to schedule a professional roofing inspection, so you get a better idea of your roof’s current state.

Qs. # 2. How Do I Choose the Right Roofing Company?

Once you know you need a roof replacement, the next most important question is how to choose the right roofing company. Choosing the right roofing company is essential because roof replacement is a huge investment decision that serves you for years. And you can’t get it wrong.

Here are a few considerations that can help you choose the right roofing company for your roof replacement job.

  • A roofing company must be licensed, insured, and bonded.
  • It should provide a professional service at the most affordable price.

With these considerations in mind, you can do your research online. Check the company’s reviews on their website or social media. You can also check for the company’s rating on Yelp and Better Business Bureau. Word of mouth also plays a vital role in choosing the right roofing company for roof replacement. Inquire your friends and family about which roofing company they have had the best experience with so far.

With all this information at hand, you can indeed find a decent roofing company for your roofing job.

Qs. # 3. How Long Does Roof Replacement Take?

There is no single definite answer to this question. The time it takes to replace your roof can take anywhere between one day to one week or more. Several factors determine the time it takes to replace your roof, including

  • The size of the roof,
  • The extent of replacement (whether it is a complete or partial replacement),
  • Weather conditions.

Qs. # 4. How Much Does Roof Replacement Cost?

Again there is no one definite answer to this question. Several factors play a role in determining the cost of roof replacement, including

  • The material you choose for your roof,
  • The style and size of your roof and
  • The roofing company you choose to work with.

Qs. 5. How Long Will My New Roof Last?

Roofs, regardless of the material and quality of service, have an expiration date. As a rule, the better material and contractor you use, and the more you invest in regular maintenance, the longer your roof will serve you and vice versa. With this in mind, you should expect your roofs to serve you for several years.

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