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Signs Your Roof Has Been Poorly Installed

You’ve already spent a fortune on your roof, but it’s started leaking again, or at least that’s what you’re afraid of after your roof installation. Don’t worry. Here are some tell-tale signs that your contractor did not install your roof correctly. If you don’t experience any of these, you are clear.


Everything is fine until there is a heavy rainstorm and your roof starts to leak. That’s when you learn that a sub-par contractor installed your roofing. Sometimes the leaks are not big enough for water to drip inside the house but enough to accumulate in the walls. In this case, you will see big stains on the wall where mold can start growing. Make sure to have a contractor inspect your newly installed roof so that this problem doesn’t suddenly overcome you.

The Nails are popping out

Contractors have two choices when nailing down roofing material. They can go old school with a hammer and ensure each shingle is nailed in manually with the appropriate angle and pressure. Or, they could calibrate an air gun that nails in each nail in the same way. There is a small margin of error with this method. However, if you’re seeing many nails jutting out, that means the roofing company did not calibrate the nail gun correctly.

Improper Gutter Installation

If rainwater is accumulating in pockets on your roof, that means that the contractors did not install your gutters properly. Improper gutters become a considerable problem as standing water damages your shingles or slowly penetrates beneath them. If you don’t have this repaired timely manner, you risk your walls collecting water and getting moldy. So it will do you good to take an extra look at your new gutters for anything strange.

Poor attic ventalation

If the roofing company does not appropriately ventilate your attic, you could face many issues. Your attic will be extra hot in the summers and extra cold in the winters, but this will also spread to the whole house.

The humidity will cause your decking to sweat and accumulate mold that will smell bad.

A skilled roof setter will know if your attic is at risk of not being adequately ventilated and discuss it with you. A creative way to check if your attic was properly ventilated is to wait for a hot day and a cool night. It wasn’t appropriately ventilated if your attic is still sweltering an hour after the temperature cooled down. Either the contractor was inexperienced, or he simply did not care.


Sliding shingles

Sliding shingles mean that your roof shingles are slipping out of place or sliding off. Unless you have a ninety-degree roof, it is the contractor’s fault if your shingles start falling off. People often choose the lowest bidder when choosing a contractor to install their new roof. What you should realize about these unbelievable prices is that they are too good to be true. You end up being pound foolish and penny wise since you have to pay again and again for repairs.


Price should be a factor but not the main one when choosing a company to handle installing or repairing your roof. You should also consider testimonials and experience when choosing a contractor. In the unfortunate event you see these signs in your home and are wondering, can a poorly installed roof be repaired. Depending on the level of damage, most roof can be repaired by quality professionals.