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Simple Ways to Prevent Clogged Gutters

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Clogged gutters are a common roofing concern experienced by both residential and commercial property owners. It leads to overflowing water and leaks and may damage the interior and exterior of your property. Moreover, it can even lead to ice dam formation during cold weather.

Read on and learn about four simple ways to prevent clogged gutters.

Keep Trees in Check

Trees look lovely around your property, but they may not be a great feature around gutters. When trees stretch and get close to the property, they may clog the gutters with their leaves and twigs. It is an even more significant concern during the fall. Over time, as the leaves become wet, they create a dense barrier causing your gutters to clog. The simplest way to prevent clogs is, therefore, to keep your trees trimmed.

Have Leaf Guards in Place

If you already have trees around your property, your gutters may likely clog. But you can prevent it by placing leaf guards over the gutters. Leaf guards work as a filter that may allow water to pass through the gutter but filter out leaves and twigs, preventing clogs.

However, when choosing a leaf guard for your gutters, make sure you get an expert recommendation. Not all leaf guards are effective, and only a roofing professional can guide you about which one is best for you.

Schedule Regular Inspections

Not sure about the damage to your gutters? Schedule regular inspection.

Cracked and damaged gutters act as a trap for debris. Over time, the buildup can clog the gutter.

The solution is to schedule regular inspections of your gutters. It ensures that your gutters are not damaged and are functioning effectively. Moreover, with regular inspection, you can also identify any damages early and fix them before leading to more severe problems such as clogged gutters.

Schedule Professional Gutter Cleaning and Maintenance

One of the best and most effective ways to prevent clogged gutters is to schedule periodic professional gutter cleaning and maintenance. Gutter cleaning is not a DIY task. Without adequate safety equipment and training, gutter cleaning can be dangerous. Therefore, all gutter cleaning and maintenance must be performed by a trained professional. When your gutters are in the right shape and health, they can perform their job well.

Roof Inspection in Arizona

Gutters are an essential aspect of your roofing system. Clogged gutters can damage your roof, cause water damage to your property’s foundation, and damage the inside and outside of the house. While there are several other ways to prevent clogged gutters, scheduling a professional inspection is one of the best and most effective.

To schedule roof and gutter inspection, contact us today and find out what we have to offer.