Stay Alert to Roof Damage

Stay Alert to Roof Damage

We all know that roof damage is one of the most frightening possibilities for homeowners, in Arizona and beyond. Roof issues are always a headache, and it’s because there’s something important behind the saying “roof over your head” when explaining the basic need of shelter… Your home, shelter, and roof are essential! Unfortunately, at some point, it is likely that you will encounter an issue with your roofing. If you’ve already used your roof for a couple decades, it may begin to fail…

Although our desert weather could be described as hot but fairly calm, our roofs are under great stress in Arizona’s conditions, and very susceptible to roof damage. We have strong winds during monsoon season, and our heat is truly no joke. This makes maintenance very important. You want to catch a problem before it grows into something bigger, ideally. And if you’re having trouble now, do not hesitate to call us for a professional check-up. Minor problems tend to cause bigger ones, so today, we want to give you an idea of what to look out for. This way, you can protect your home by completing any repairs necessary.


Storm damage, constant exposure to the elements

Our monsoon season definitely shocks some non-locals. Our summer days can go from sunny and bright, to a dark wall of fast-blowing dust, in an instant. Unfortunately, both of those scenarios are rough on our roofs. That hot and dry heat can almost bake any sub-par materials on your roof, weakening them, and causing cracking and damage to shingles. This is unavoidable. Blowing wind, rain, and debris can get in between layers, and even lift materials from your roof. At the very least, give your roof a quick check after particularly rough storms and a closer visual inspection after summers.

Trees, debris, and pests

Trees hanging can cause roof damage in a few ways. Older, dying trees may pose a risk of falling onto your roof, so remove any unhealthy trees that may be too close to the home immediately. Also, caused by those big windy storms that we have in Arizona, large branches scraping shingles will harm your roof over time. Keep those branches trimmed short, and plant any new trees over 10 feet from the home. And another reason to plant trees away from the structure: Animals and pests. Although this isn’t a major issue in Arizona, critters will typically find a way into your roof by climbing a nearby tree, and those little guys can cause damage… Finally, any debris from trees or recent storms need to be cleared from gutters right away. If not, water may pool, posing another major issue.

Leaks, pooling water, and moisture

Water damage tends to be a consequence of other roof damage. If you overlook an issue with your roof-like storm damage or missing shingles-and it goes too far, water will have the perfect opportunity to seep in. Roof damage from water can be very dangerous for your home, and you should contact a professional to test the roof and repair the damage right away. Don’t wait too long; replacing all the interior and exterior materials that were damaged by the water is quite a large job. It will also be much more costly than spotting and replacing those damaged shingles in the first place, before the water finds its way in. Due to this, preventing water damage is where maintenance comes in. Keeping a well-functioning roof, free of any openings for water to run in, is important. Always catch and fix the problem before it becomes bigger.

A bad install or lack of maintenance, by the homeowner or a poor installer

Your roof is important, so always choose your repairmen and installers with great care. Sadly, it is common in these industries to find poor installations by bad companies looking for a quick buck. The worst part is, you may not find out about the issues hanging over your head until long after you’ve signed your check to them. If poor materials were used, they may corrode and become damaged much quicker. Furthermore, bad installers often do a sloppy or improper job, and DIYers are typically no different. Also, if you or your installer never check on the roof or perform preventative maintenance, you could be on the road to major roofing issues.


Plenty of the causes of roof damage go hand-in-hand, and these are just a few. A little bit of care and attention will go a long way in the longevity of your roof. If you are experiencing issues caused by roof damage now, or if you’d like to schedule a maintenance appointment to catch any issues before they grow, give America Roofing Company a call, or fill out our online form! Our team takes great pride in keeping that roof over your head.