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Summer Roof Maintenance Tips

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Many people overlook the importance of roof maintenance when talking about home maintenance or other repairs. At times, one might consider getting a new coat of paint in your house, redoing the backyard, or even repairing the basement, but you rarely think about roof maintenance.

Even if you feel that your roof is not exposed to any potential danger, certain non-apparent damages weaken your roof over time if not maintained.

Moreover, you should also maintain your roof to improve your house’s appeal. While for you, the roof is virtually invisible, for your neighbors or visitors, your roof is one of the first things that they would notice. Roofs that are unkempt give a messy look to your otherwise beautiful abode. Therefore, maintaining your roof is vital. And, summer is the perfect season for roof maintenance and service. Here are some simple tips that will help you to keep your roof well-maintained and clean.

· Inspect Every Nook and Corner

The first step to roof maintenance is to carry out a thorough inspection to detect loose or missing shingles. You must know that shingles need to be nailed down, and if they are loose, they are probably signaling a serious problem. If you see shingles not secured in their places, you should call a professional roof contractor immediately.

· Clean All Clogged Lines

No roof is absolutely flat; it has a slight slope that helps water to reach draining outlets. This helps the rainwater and snow to drain from your roof properly. But these outlets are at the risk of clogging. Leaves, twigs, small branches, and other such debris often get stuck in your lines and clog the gutter. As a result of this, the accumulated water remains standing on the roof.

Clogged drains keep standing water from draining, which results in serious damage to your roof that may result in leaks that require costly repairs. In addition, instead of draining down through the downspout, the water overflows the gutter, which can even cause severe damage to the foundation of your house.

To avoid such a critical situation, it is recommended to avail of the services of a professional who can help you with your regular roof inspection and identify the areas that may lead to a problem in the future.

· Maintain the Trees

Thunderstorms or harsh winds can break overhanging branches, especially those of old trees which can directly hit your roof. Even if the branches are light in weight, they can damage your roof as shingles may become a bit loose as a result of it.

In addition to this, the constant landing of broken branches can make your roof suffer from severe damages, including leaks. To counter this situation, have a ten-foot radius clear from branches.


Regular roof maintenance is essential to increase the lifespan of your roof. While you can carry routine maintenance on your own, it is always better to call experts when things go out of your hand. The roof’s wear and tear shouldn’t be taken as they are the sign of potential damage.