Roof Inspection Tempe Arizona

Roofing Is Your Home’s First Line Of Defense Against External Hazards.

Roof Inspection Tempe AZ

But How Do You Make Sure Your Roof Can Stand Up To The Task?

The Roof Inspectors at America Roofing in Tempe, Arizona Can Spot Cracks, Leaks, and Wear & Tear Before Damage Occurs

Even the strongest roofs are vulnerable to weather exposure. Even without the threat of rainstorms and snowfall, constant sunlight and heat can make durable asphalt and metal roofing brittle and weak. When replacing a roof can cost anywhere up to $20,000, you can’t afford to sit idly by, as that slow deterioration continues.

You need an expert team of roofing technicians that can resolve your roofing concerns efficiently, effectively and affordably.

At America Roofing, we provide a variety of roofing services to homes and businesses across Tempe, Arizona. If you’ve just been through a particularly hot summer, or if your roof has started to show the signs of rapid aging, we recommend giving our friendly representatives a call.

Routine Roof Inspections From America Roofing Can Save You The Expense Of Major Repairs And Extend The Lifespan Of Your Roof.

Visual damage is easy to spot. If you’re missing shingles and your gutters are sagging then you know repair work is necessary. But why wait to perform much needed maintenance when you could have you roof restored to perfect condition before it begins to degrade?

That’s the promise our expert roof inspectors in Tempe can deliver on every time. With extensive experience and specialized tools, we can assess even the most complex roofing damage at the earliest stage.

What Can You Expect From A Professional Roof Inspection In Tempe, Arizona?

Complete Interior Inspection

Neglected roof leaks can cause untold damage to your home; that’s why our inspection begins with your attic ceiling and walls. In particular, we’ll check to make sure your interior insulation is intact, that your roof has adequate ventilation and that there are no signs of moisture or mold.

Complete Structural Inspection

We’ll verify that the roof plane is level and stable, and check for any signs of sagging.

The soffit and fascia are underlying materials used to protect your roof against heat and moisture damage from the weather. If either of these elements is impaired then the entire structure of your roof may be in danger. Our inspectors will pay particular attention to these areas.

Finally, we’ll check the masonry and caulking around the vents, ducts and chimney to ensure there’s no evident cracks or crumbling.

Complete Material Inspection

First and foremost, we’ll evaluate the condition of the surface layer of your roof, whether this is made of wooden tiles, asphalt shingles or metal sheeting; we’ll inspect for signs of corrosion, loose patches, and split/cracked pieces.

We’ll then move to the flashing and fastening to ensure there’s no missing or loose pieces that need to be replaced.

Complete Inspection Report

Once each aspect of the roof inspection has been completed, we’ll provide you with an itemized report detailing potential vulnerabilities in your roof. You can then prioritize your repairs as per the cost estimates provided.

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