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Types of Asphalt Roofing Shingles

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When it comes to roofing materials in Arizona, asphalt shingles are considered to be the best out there. They are relatively cheap, light, and easy to install. The roofing material comes in the form of high-quality sheets that give an illusion of fancy shingles. They are undoubtedly better than simple shingles, whether they are slates or cedars.

The good thing is asphalt shingles come in many types, so you have a lot of options to choose from. Here are the most popular types of asphalt shingles worth your investment!

1.    3-Tab Shingles

Also known as strip shingles or simply strips, 3-tab shingles are the most basic kind of asphalt shingles. They present a slate-like look which is simple and flat and are ideal for economical houses. Strip shingles are made from a single layer of asphalt which is why they weigh and cost less than other types of asphalt shingles. Before luxurious asphalt shingles were invented, 3-tab shingles were the most popular roofing option out there. That being said, strip shingles are still quite predominant among house-builders who manufacture cost-effective homes. If you’re someone who’s looking for a reliable yet budget-friendly roofing shingle, look no further than strip shingles.

2.    Laminate Shingles

Commonly known as architectural or dimensional shingles, laminate shingles are the most common asphalt shingle material in the market. These items are designed with more than one layer of asphalt that is merged together for a thick and durable appearance. They are manufactured to resemble the qualities of natural and wood roofing materials. Laminate shingles are relatively heavier than simple strips. They last longer and are more consistent than any other types of asphalt roofs. Architectural shingles also provide a greater quality of resistance and protection against strong wind and hail.

3.    Luxury Shingles

Luxury shingles are the costliest of the lot. They have a stunning appearance, so when they are installed as a roof, they look brilliant. Installing luxury shingles in the house is the best way to elevate the beauty and value of your house.  While they are heavyweight, they offer premium protection against rough and tough weather conditions. Luxury shingles should be your ultimate choice if you want your roof to be functional as well as stylish.

4.    Solar Shingles

Solar asphalt shingles are the most modern roofing types out there. As the name suggests, they are manufactured to prevent harmful UV rays from entering the house. This keeps the house relatively cool during the blazing summer season. Solar shingles can be expensive, but they are worth every penny!

Final Word

Asphalt roofing shingles are modern and dynamic. When installed correctly, they can uplift the exterior of the house and increase its value manifold.  If you’re on the lookout for a professional roofing company, America Roofing is your best choice! They are licensed, insured, and super-efficient.