What’s the Difference between Tile Roofs and Shingle Roofs

Are you getting ready to replace your roof? If yes, then you must have debated whether to go with tile roofs or shingle roofs. Here are some tips to help you decide between the two.

Tile Roofs vs. Shingle Roofs

To begin with, let’s see what tiles and shingles actually are.

Tiles are made from terra cotta or slate and they are placed side-by-side overlapping each other to avoid the seeping of rainwater or sunshine. Shingles on the other hand are made from asphalt. They are also laid side-by-side to keep out rainwater.

Decide between the two.

  1. Pricing

When it comes to price, shingles are clearly the option, since tile roofs cost twice as much as shingles.

  1. Climate Resistance

Tiles can never be beaten. They are dense and durable; their weight alone helps them stand through rain, hail, extreme heat, water damage and what not. They also last twice as long as shingles.

  1. Temperature

Tile roofs are preferred in cold places since they keep the house warm. On the other hand, shingles reflect sunlight.

  1. Weight

Your roof is going to stand above your head; you should make sure that your house is strong enough to support it. Tiles are definitely heavier than shingles. Not all houses can handle tile roofs and hence it is best to get an estimate of the weight your house can safely withstand for many years to come.

It is actually best to consider the kind of roof you are going to have when constructing your house. Nevertheless, a roofing contractor can give you a pretty clear explanation of why you need to go for a particular type of roof. Most people often choose tile roofs; however, the choice can vary from a case-to-case basis. Just remember; always think of your safety first!