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When to Choose What, Professional Vs. DIY Roof Replacement

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No matter which task you want to get done or what product you are thinking of buying, almost everything can be done at home by watching DIY tutorials, or at least that is a general perception. While in small things that can be done creatively, these DIY videos are quite helpful, one needs to understand when it is okay to go with them and for what purpose you may require the help of a professional. After all, there is a reason why we select one specific profession and excel in it instead of doing everything at once!

When it comes to roofing, especially the task of changing it, the ongoing debate of professional vs. DIY roof replacement can be found very easily. People get confused about which option to go with because of several reasons. You might want to get it done on your own because of the high-cost estimates you have seen, or you just think that you can handle it on your own.

Whatever the reason may be, there is a high chance that you are not on the right track while also a possibility of being correct given the seriousness of the condition. Hence, we present to you, situations in which it may be extremely necessary or ideal to get professional help, and in what circumstances, DIY might just work and is also safe.

Full Replacement of the Roof

DIY is a complete NO in such a situation. The rationale behind it is simple; complete roof replacement not just requires professionalism but also specific materials and tools that the contractor will have easy access to, but you might not. Additionally, even if you can collect all the required stuff, learning to use these special tools is not something simple enough to be learned through a tutorial.

Not only do you need professional skills to use those tools but also proper safety that only professionals can take care of. Working on a roof is dangerous and it involves a lot of things that for a layman would be completely new. Hence, if you require a new roof altogether, make sure to hire a contractor instead of trying to do it yourself!

Minor Tasks

While we acknowledge that minor repairs can be done by homeowners, do keep in mind that you should be well aware of the intensity of that work. For example, DIY shingle replacement is fine as long as it is just a couple of shingles that need replacement and that too on a roof which is safe for you to work on. If the shingles all over the roof require replacement, it is advised to always hire a professional.

Apart from that, for leaks as well, if you have identified a single leak and you know exactly where it is, you can fix it on your own if you are well equipped and are following all safety measures. However, in case of multiple leaks and you being unable to identify all of them, a professional’s help is much needed.


The rationale behind focusing on the need for professional assistance is that you might end up damaging your roof even more and increasing the cost if you are unable to do it correctly. Hence, taking risks with the roof you and your family are living under is not advisable. For any further queries, roof inspection, or any other services, you can always contact America Roofing and we would be happy to help you out!