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Why Are On-Site Roof Inspections Important?

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It is vital for homeowners and commercial property owners to realize the importance of on-site roof inspections. It can help you repair any structural damage as well as help you plan out proper replacement and refurbishment designs. Here are the benefits of on-site roof inspections that can ensure that your roof lasts for a long time.

How On-Site Roof Inspections Can Help You

There are multiple ways that on-site roof inspections can help you out. Inspections can make sure that the roof is installed in the correct way at every level of the structure. It will help you gain some peace of mind as well as confidence in your roof structure.

One thing that can be the key to your success when it comes to roof repair or installation is the warranty you have. If there is a credible manufacturer that did your roof and offered a warranty, the on-site roof inspections can help you confirm that the warranty is met. It will give you more confidence in the roof if you know that you don’t need to call in for a warranty.

The on-site roof inspections can also limit the risk of getting leaks or damage to the structure. The inspection will make sure that your roof is maintained and installed correctly. The inspections outline any issues that may have occurred during the installation phase. Any structural damage or need for repair can be found during the inspection, and then fixed! Experienced roofing professionals can identify ways to prevent the risk of roof damage.

What Will the On-Site Roof Inspection Involve?

The report after an on-site roof inspection covers a lot of details that can benefit you overall. At most, it can take just a week for the complete inspection to take place. There are different inspection routes taken depending on the type of roof you have and the materials used to make it. The Inspection Report can give you a real snapshot of the roof.

The inspection needs to ensure that every level of the roof is properly installed, so the following parts of the roof are inspected:

  • Deck
  • Primer
  • Vapor Control Layer (VCL)
  • Insulation (mechanically fixed or adhered)
  • Underlay
  • Capsheet
  • Any trims
  • Gutter and rainwater outlets

The VCL should be installed in the correct way or else it can create condensation issues for you. The VCL is stuck to the deck with other layers glued above it. These layers are vital for roof construction since they prevent wind, weather, and temperature from damage your roof. It prevents moisture from penetrating the insulation of the roof, which is why it should be properly sealed.

The insulation will be properly checked to ensure that it is correctly adhered to. The adhesive should be applied correctly or else it can increase energy costs for you.

Choosing American Roofing

If you don’t want your roof to get into disrepair or be weak, you need to make sure that you get on-site roof inspections regularly. American Roofing has trained professionals that can help you avoid any additional costs in the future.