5 Hints That Indicate You Need to Replace Your Roof in Phoenix, AZ

Are you absolutely clueless about replacing your roof? Are you in need of a checklist that can serve you with hints that you need a roof replacement? If yes, then read on.

When you want to know whether your roof needs replacement or not or whether only some parts of it need replacement, it is essential that you are familiar with some hints to get you through.  If you fail to replace your roof when it needs replacement, for any reason whatsoever, you are likely to suffer from water stains on the plaster of your ceiling.  If you want to save some money, we advise you to be extra vigilant about your roof and look for high-quality roofing in Phoenix, AZ.

Why? Because when you are vigilant, you can save yourself from costly and huge repairs that may take a month or several weeks to complete.

Below are five hints that you should keep your eyes open to.

1. Roofing in Phoenix, AZ | Your Roof Is Old

If your house is more than 20 years old, and so is your roof, then it is high time you thought about replacing your roof.  You might not be so tensed about your roof because you don’t see any visible problems with it, but you can never know for sure. Therefore, you have to search for providers of high-quality roofing in Phoenix, AZ to have your roof checked and inspected. When you do this, you will know the real condition of your roof and then you will be able to make decisions accordingly.

2. Roofing in Phoenix, AZ| Roof Shingles and the Accompanying Issues


To know if you need to hire the providers of roofing in Phoenix, AZ for your roof shingles, look for the following signs:

Curled and Cracked Shingles

When time passes, and you haven’t done any maintenance to your roof, your roof shingles may crack, curl, or tear apart from your roof. Take this as a sign that your roof needs replacement.

Algae Growth

Algae can grow on the roof shingle, and can become trapped there. Save the life of your roof by looking up roofing in Phoenix, AZ.

3. Roofing in Phoenix, AZ| Your Roof Is Rotting

If you see wooden parts of your roof becoming a victim of rotting, you need to take action and call up providers of roofing in Phoenix, AZ.  This can be caused by moisture or the existence of termites. Hire a roofing professional in Phoenix, AZ to provide immediate repair or replacement if you notice your roof is rotting.

Save your roof from dry rotting which can occur because of poor or bad ventilation.

4. Roofing in Phoenix, AZ| Damaged, Lifted, or Separated Flashings

If you witness the flashings of your roof separating or lifting as a result of expansion and contraction, then your roof needs to be replaced.  When damaged flashings do not get proper attention, your house can become subject to water penetration.

5. Roofing in Phoenix, AZ| You See the Sunlight Sneaking Through the Roof

If you notice sunlight coming in through your roof, you know you have to look up professional roofing in Phoenix, AZ because this is an indication that your roof has become weak.  The spongy feeling you will experience while walking on the roof will be enough to tell you that moisture has taken a toll on your roof.

In a Nutshell

If you notice any of these signs above, you have to contact a professional who does roofing in Phoenix, AZ.

To hire roofing in Phoenix, AZ, visit or call America Roofing and get your roof repaired and replaced.