Residential Roof Inspections Arizona

Residential Roof Inspection Arizona

What Does A Roof Inspection In Arizona Involve?

The first thing our roof inspectors will do is perform a thorough visual inspection of the surface elements of your roof. 

We’ll check for:

  • Staining and discoloration on the shingles and roof boards
  • Cracked, warped, loose or missing shingles
  • Rust and sagging in flashing
  • Looseness or leaks in the gutters
  • Mold, mildew or pest infestation
  • Clogged vents or drains
  • Damage around the chimney, vents or skylight which can lead to moisture accumulation in the substrate

Once we’ve completed a surface-level assessment, we’ll examine the under-layer using specialized tools. This will help us determine the moisture retention of your roofing materials, the insulation level of your roof, as well as the thermal and electrical conductivity of the underlying material.

Then we’ll move to the interior of your home and check your attic ceiling for signs of leakage, electrical damage, sagging and other forms of advanced structural damage.

Why get roof inspections in Arizona?

Your roof is slowly deteriorating. It might seem hard to believe without the constant threat of rainstorms and snowfall that affect other parts of the country; but Arizona’s bright, beating sunshine is doing the job just as well. Every day, intense solar UV radiation heats and expands the material structure of your roof, only for it to contract and shrink again, as it cools in the nighttime. That constant wear and tear is causing your shingles to warp, crack and decay. It’s causing your metal flashing, and gutters to corrode and sag. It’s causing bare exposed patches to appear in the underlying layer of your roof; and that’s just the beginning. If left unattended, these issues will only get worse, year after year, until one morning you wake up to a leak in your attic. At that stage, you may be left with little choice but to have your roof completely overhauled at a cost that could come in at up to $9,000 on average. Schedule a free Arizona roof inspection with America Roofing today!

Contact Arizona’s Leading Roof Inspectors At America Roofing And Safeguard Your Home For Years To Come.

For almost 20 years our expert service team has performed roof inspections for residential and commercial properties of all types across Arizona. With experience and training, we’ve learnt how to identify even the most complex roofing problems at an early stage, saving our valued customers enormous time and expense in the process.

While roof inspections may not seem like the most pressing investment, a simple call out to our roofing technicians once every couple of years can help you:

  • Catch potential hazards before they cause serious damage.
  • Prevent minor leaks and faults from becoming major concerns.
  • Greatly reduce repair costs.
  • Enhance the longevity of your roof.
  • Safeguard your wiring and interior walls from water damage, mold and infestation.