How Much Do Roofers Make In The United States?

Salaries of Roofers


Roofers have an average salary of $18.54 each hour or $38,570 yearly. This based on May 2011 report of Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The highest possible paid earned about $28.89 hourly or $60,090 yearly even if the wages might fall below $22,430 yearly or $10.79 hourly.

Roofers may also learn their trade through formal apprenticeship, which takes 3 years and includes classroom instruction as well as paid OJT. These programs require individuals to be at least 18 years of age with high school diploma and physically fit to do the job. Some learn their skills information on the work through starting as the helpers of the roofer. Such helpers can earn an average salary of $11.99 hourly or $24,930 yearly.


Roofer’s Salary in Various Areas


Florida and California offered the most work for roofers in year 2011 with 13% and 8% of positions, respectively. The average wages in former were actually $22.98 each hour and $47,790 each year and in latter, they can earn $15.60 every hour or $32,450 every year. In Massachusetts, roofers can earn $24.10 every hour or $50,120 every year. In some metropolitan areas, Chicago showed highest possible employment with 3% of the work at an average salary of $24.42 every hour or $50,800 every year. Rockford, Illinois has an average salary of $32.57 every hour or $67,740 every year.


Industries That Require Roofers


Back in 2011, about 92% of the US roofers worked for foundation, building exterior, and structure contractors that make about $18.44 every hour or $38,350 every year. But, the highest roofer’s salary was in wholesalers of lumber and some construction materials with average salary of $28.11 every hour or $58,470 every year. The work suffers from one of the highest rates of illness and injury of any occupation. Roofers could fall or get burned by some hot roofing products.


America Needs Roofers


Roofers repair and install roofs on businesses and homes using wood, metal, and asphalt. Even if they manage steep-slope, low-slope, and built-up or regular flat structures, some handle new eco-friendly roofs that place soil and vegetation on top of the waterproof layers. The salaries of roofers in the US may vary in accordance to the location and employer.

Roofers may work in residential and commercial settings to build, repair or assess roofs. Roofers should perform accurate, intricate work, and work safely. Generally, roofers work either for general construction or for something that specializes in working with repair and construction of roofs specifically.

An aspect of the work of roofers involves repair estimates and assessment for the pre-existing structures. Depending on the responsibility and seniority level, roofers could make the best practice estimation regarding the viability of repair on roofs in comparison of placement. Roofers also have to be aware and must be comfortable with the developments and advancements in roofing. They should also show competence in executing such methods and equipment. For those who are working on the new construction projects, they should follow the design specs of an engineer or architect.