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How Long Does It Take to Install a Roof

How Long Does It Take to Install a Roof?

How Long Does It Take to Install a Roof? Well, when you notice roof damage, you shouldn’t wait around, because this calls for immediate action. Most people don’t understand the importance of getting their roof fixed, and many don’t give it much thought, because they think that fixing the problem will take quite a long time. Many people are also put off by the thought of buying a new roof and installing it. However, we are going to explain the entire process to you, along with how long it will take you to install a new roof, so that all your fears are laid to rest and you can get on with your life.

For instance, if your area has had a major hail storm or very heavy rainfall, you need to schedule a routine check for your roof. It is a given that after a hail storm, your roof will undergo some form of damage, with a few bare spots in the roof, and you may notice a few shingles missing. If you notice extensive damage to your roof, then you will need to install a new roof.

How long will it take? That is the second thought that comes in your mind, after you calculate the cost. A quality roofing contractor in Arizona will be able to install a new roof in just two days, but it generally depends on the size of your roof.

Installing the New Roof

Our recommendation is contacting a roofing company in Arizona to get a quote about the cost and the time it will take for installing a new roof. You may think about installing a new roof without professional assistance, but you need to account for the fact that roof installation is not easy. It requires plenty of physical labor, and the installation steps are also not going to be easy.

Picking Your Materials/ Preparation

The next thing on your mind will be picking the materials for your roof. Do you go with tiles or shingles? What about shakes? If you have decided to go with shingles, then you need to know whether you should go with premium shingles or 3-tab shingles, impact-resistant shingles, or dimensional shingles?

Once you have picked the materials for your roof, you are in the preparation stage, which is when you will need to vacate your home for a few days to that professionals come to install your roof.

Tearing Off the Old Roof

Before a new roof can be installed, your old roof must be taken off, and it will also allow the professional roofing repair in Arizona experts to identify other faults with your roof. These can be rotting wood, or cracked boards underneath the roof, which will also be fixed before a new roof is installed.

Installing Deck Protection and Leak Barrier

It is important that you get your roofing contractor in Arizona to install deck protection, and leak barriers, so that you don’t have to face with any other issues with your new roof. Once that has been done, they can go on with installing the new tiles on your roof.

Installing the Tiles

Once your roofing company in Arizona has protected and prepared the roof, they will install the tiles on your roof. This is the most time-consuming step, because the tiles must be placed straight and level for the best results. It can take an entire day for the tiles to be installed on the roof, but it is worth it, because you will get a proper roof.

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