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5 Advantages of Flat Roofs

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Used extensively in commercial buildings, flat roofs are steadily becoming the top choice of many homeowners. In comparison to a sloped roof, a flat roof is considered to be a more energy-efficient option.

Even though flat roofs are not as aesthetically appealing as their counterparts, their numerous advantages are the reason why homeowners are drawn towards it. Flat roofs are a good option for residential structures and if you’re considering installing a new roof in your house, you should consider a flat roof. Here are some of the many benefits of flat roofs, let’s take a look.

1. Affordable Cost

The installation of the roof is a costly procedure. In fact, many homeowners often hesitate when it comes to roof repair and maintenance because of the high charges associated with it. In comparison, flat roof systems are economical and within your budget. The fact that the flat roof is cheaper doesn’t mean that it is low in quality. The difference between the prices of the two types of roofs exists mainly because of the additional shingles or decorative materials used on a sloped roof. The flat roof, on the other hand, doesn’t require any additional components – which is also the reason why the flat roof requires low maintenance.

2. Added Space

The only space that you can get out of a sloped roof is a small attic room at the top of your house. Most homeowners use that room as a storage unit only. But with the flat roof, you have the advantage of added space that you can use for different purposes. You can install a patio on the roof and convert it into a beautiful dining space for your guests. Or, you can use the roof for installing solar panels and go green. In case you don’t have green space in your house, you can also use this space for setting up a rooftop garden.

3. Damage Resistance

Even though the flat roof is not 100% damage-proofed, it is still more durable than a sloped roof. The flat roof can withstand extreme weather conditions. In the event of heavy rains, for example, the homeowners will not have to worry about the possible damage caused shingles as the roof doesn’t have any shingles covering them.

4. Access to the Roof

Walking on a sloped roof is the art that only professionals – roofing contractors – have mastered. After heavy rainfall or a snowstorm, if you feel like inspecting the roof for possible damages, you can’t do it by yourself. You have to call a professional company for help. With the flat roof, however, you can access the roof easily and conveniently.

5. Modern Look

Even though sloped roofs do look aesthetically appealing, there is no denying the fact that a flat roof has a more modern touch to it. If you want to give a contemporary look to your house, you should go with a flat roof.


Flat roofs are gaining popularity among homeowners at a fast pace. If you are looking for installing a new roof, you should consider having a flat one.