We provide the following Goodyear AZ roofing services:

We think our roofs are superhuman. Left alone to deal with the wind, rain and scorching heat of Goodyear, Arizona, most homeowners expect them to hold up all year round. America Roofing Company in Goodyear AZ, we’re experts in everything roof-related and understand that roofs are flawed.

When you leave them unprotected and vulnerable for too long, they will breakdown. And, it only takes one issue for the situation to escalate out of your control. Thankfully, we also know what it takes to repair, install and fix new roofs to properties in Goodyear, Arizona.

If you’re a business owner or a regular homeowner, you can trust us to solve the problem in a flash. You want to protect your home and we want to help, so why not get your free, no-hassle quote now by visiting our website?

What To Look Out For

Spotting the flaws in your roof is an excellent way to prevent the problem from growing into something substantial. To do that, you need to be able to recognize the telltale signs of roof damage. Here are the main ones.

Loose Tiles

Tiles don’t have to be missing to be a threat. Loose slates will open up a gap for the elements to pass through as they please. Also, they leave the protective insulation underneath bare, causing it to suffer from wear and tear more quickly.

Check for loose tiles by looking at your roof from a distance to see if any aren’t aligned.


You might think you can spot a leak, but they aren’t always dripping from the light sockets. Sometimes, they manifest themselves as damp patches on the walls and ceiling. It’s essential to resolve the issue right away as they can lead to mold.

Call us if you see these patches, especially if they are in your attic or the rooms upstairs as they are the first point of contact.

Overhanging Branches

It isn’t the roof itself that causes a problem some of the time. The environment can add extra strain and encourage your roof to crack. That’s why it’s essential to trim back trees and overhanging branches.

If you don’t, the foliage and clutter will build-up and increase the pressure until something gives.

What Can People In Goodyear Expect?

All of the above and more. As a roofing company in Goodyear, AZ, with tons of experience, we’ve seen a variety of problems over the years. The reason is simple – the climate.

In the summer, the Sonoran sun beats down and leaves its mark. In the fall and winter months, the temperature drops by 20°C and compounds homeowners’ worst fears. That’s why you need a roofing company in Goodyear, Arizona, that you can rely on to complete the job.

Why Choose Us?

It’s because of our passion and commitment to roofing and customer service. Aside from offering an extensive range of services, we also put our customers first. When you pick America Roofing Company in Goodyear AZ, you benefit from an award-winning contractor that’s fully bonded and licensed.

So, if you need roofing solutions in Goodyear, don’t be afraid to contact us via phone or our online forms.