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Top 5 Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Roofing Options in Arizona

People often look for design, cost, and durability for roofing materials. While all these are important, another crucial factor to roofing materials is sustainability. Nowadays, you can find many eco-friendly roof options in Arizona.


If you want to reduce your carbon footprint and make a positive and sensible choice for roofing materials, we suggest the following five eco-friendly roof options for you. Each has its pros and cons and is suitable for different environments and circumstances. Let’s discuss them in detail.

Corrugated Roofing

Corrugated roofing is a new and improved green technology that has combined durability and style in one material. Instead of plastic films or wavy steel plates, the material is available in different colors and styles. It is highly durable and perfect for cold climates as it can withstand harsh climate conditions and trap heat within the home.


Corrugated roofing is easy to fix, affordable, and light.

Cool Roofing

Another eco-friendly roofing option is cool roofs. Cool roofs are made from a mixture of gravel and white glue. It is so named because of its cooling properties. It doesn’t absorb UV rays and keeps the house cool even in hot and humid conditions. You can significantly save up on electricity bills.


There are a few disadvantages of cool roofs.

  • Only valid for homes with exposure to extreme heat and sunlight.
  • Mold can start to grow in cases of high humidity.
  • Expensive installation

Metal roofing

One of the most popular eco-friendly roofing options in Arizona involves metal roofs. Metal roofs are highly durable and sustainable last for 50 years. They are suitable for hot and cold weather and can withstand any weather condition. You can find various options for a metal roof, such as tin, aluminum, copper, steel, etc.


Metal roofing, although durable, is expensive and requires professional roofing contractors for installation. Moreover, it can be noisy during rain, hailstorm, etc.

Green Roofing

What could be more eco-friendly than a green roof? A green roof is beautiful to look at, and it helps improve the air you breathe and positively affects the environment. A green roof can be planted in any style; the most popular is a dome or flat. You can also use it as a partial living space and add chairs and tables for your relaxing time.


Moreover, green roofs help keep your house cool in summers and warm in winters and cleanse the air.

Clay Roofing

Clay tiles have long been used as roofing materials and are highly durable and sustainable. Clay tiles are available in various colors and styles and add an antique aesthetic to your home. They are easy to install and replace if damaged. Clay tiles also act as insulators and help in circulating warm air. They are energy-efficient and waterproof.


Clay tiles are expensive because of their durability and many benefits and need a solid support system to hold the extra weight.


Other eco-friendly roofing options in Arizona include slate tiles, rubber roofing, shingle roofing, and more. Each differs in its sustainability, affordability, and installation requirements. It is recommended to consult Arizona roofing contractors for a quote and consultation to find the right fit for your roof.