Roof Repair Service In Tucson Arizona

roof repair tucson az

We offer the following roof repair services.

Leak Repair

When the weather gets better of buildings, we are here to provide emergency and timely roof repair services at affordable prices. Waterproofing is our second name! Our expert technicians use innovative leak-stopping products and latest technology to fix any leak.


Our waterproofing services include joint sealants, checking of expansion joints, use of necessary water repellants, use of necessary elastomeric coatings, masonry and concrete restoration, pressure washing, chemical grout injection, below grade waterproofing and the use of latest technology to reverse water damage.

Low Slope Roofing

Whether it’s for a new construction or an old building, trust America Roofing to provide back-to-back roofing services employing latest systems and technologies. We are certified, licensed and insured installers of single-ply systems, modified systems, sustainable and green roof systems, and built-up roof systems.

Sheet Metal

We provide high quality metal roofing services with a variety of designs. Our services include metal roof repair, standing seam installation, sheet metal design and fabrication. We deal with coping, gutters, metal wall panels, fascia, downspouts, soffits, etc. We also offer steep-slope roofing services, hail damage services, snow removal and much more. Our skilled Tucson inspectors first conduct a detailed examination of every inch of the roof and prepare a detailed report of the necessary roof repair required. We then provide a custom quotation that is tailored on a case-to-case basis. Call us today for all kinds of roof repair services at affordable prices!